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  1. Is something still going on? No points being awarded and it gets stuck saying the below message after most submissions. How log does it normally take? Is it not instant anymore? Your rank and points are being calculated... one moment please. Synchronization in progress, [object XML Document] submission(s) in processing queue..... Link to results: http://hwbot.org/submission/3788316_serpentxsf_superpi___32m_ryzen_3_1200_19min_8sec_141ms?recalculate=true
  2. What about a 850m video card, that doesn't count as Geforce 8 Series right?
  3. Add Rosewill as a power supply option, for HWBOT submissions. Quite a few budget builders use, them but there is no option for them at this time. Any reason why they have yet to be added, are they just manufactured by someone else and slap a Rosewill sticker on them?
  4. Z270 Taichi (which Overvolts everything...) Intel 7700k Delid, 5.3 Ghz @ 1.49 Vcore, Temps not higher than 86 C, Average 77 C Daily OC 5.1 Ghz @ 1.424 Vcore
  5. Yea, you gonna need a Z270 board. I got a MSI Z270 SLI plus board, if you are interested, if not there are plenty of cheap but good Z270 boards out there, but if your wanting to get the most out of your 7700k, you may want to look at boards in $200 range or there abouts. Plus once you get new board sale your B250i, online, or post on local market in your area.
  6. Wow, the fake news thing, hurts the reputation of the team? Or am I missing something?
  7. Afternoon, Has anyone had good overclocks with the normal Aorus GTX 1080 Ti? Currently I can hit 2038 on the core, and 11850 on the memory, with an aggressive Fan curve but I was wondering what everyone else was getting. If you would be so kind, whether you have a Aorus 1070, 1080, 1080 Ti, various versions, can you post your specs as follows: Example Video card: Voltage: Core clock: Memory clock: Video Card cooling: (stock, aio, custom loop, Ln2, Helium) If you don't want to share, I understand, I just would like to compare numbers...
  8. Yea is wasn't working yesterday 7/2/2017, but it is now. It was redirecting us to the main competition page, it was driving me nuts.
  9. Upon further investigation, it seems the Raid-0 setup of 960 evo's, are causing a reading of such low latency. Which should be 18 - 22 ns, not 9.3 ns. However every time I run I get 9.3 ns - 9.5 ns, if anyone wants to fix my score, or provide insight on how to fix this please do.
  10. We need more Novices, to compete with us. I have been working hard along with other team members to get this Team to the top. But a recent article, note that we are lacking in Novice category. Rookie News 19/06: ASUS Republic of Gamers Top Rookie Team, DeanoMax (US) leading Rookie League with 429.50 pts I want to know if I can help WCCF Tech in any way, i'll see if I can recruit some of my Novice friends to our team, but let me know guys. Thanks, SerpentXSF
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