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  1. Ever see this LN2 explosion story? Pictures start at page 11, then more at page 20: http://ucih.ucdavis.edu/docs/chemistry_301a.pdf Make sure your safety valves are functional! TL;DR Safety's weren't in place. Pressure built, dewar exploded destroying the room it was in. The bottom of the dewar blew out, shooting it thru the ceiling into a mechanical room, smashing the top half of the dewar in the process.
  2. I wrote a quick reference that I just finished. It is just shammy's guide paraphrased, in a format that is 4 pages when printed instead of 42 pages. Everyone should read Shammy's whole guide - I haven't read the bible, but I bet it sucks compared to his guide. For anyone else who would like a quick reference or a reminder after reading it, my version of the quick guide is here: http://www.overclockers.com/forums/showthread.php?p=7501162#post7501162
  3. @Sin: It was not present in my box, which looked like a retail sample and included all other accessories.
  4. I appreciate the offer, shut down and didn't see it until this morning though.
  5. L307B263 I didn't run it on air, so no testing there. Under LN2, it would run wprime32 at 5.8GHz around 1.72V. Nothing would run at 5.9, and the system would get unstable just hanging out on the desktop... Not sure my settings are right yet, or if thats all the chip has in it. I don't know what I'm doing yet on Haswell, so its hard to say if I've reached a chip limit or I'm missing some settings. I need to refer back to the guides and ensure I haven't missed anything.
  6. Thanks for the posts guys. It looked like the first error I received was related to this package, based on the log file. But then after I enabled the Windows Module Installer service, the log file reported this package installed properly. However I don't know what the installer does, and it probably didn't do both the x86 and x64 version - so I'll try this and see where it gets me. I think I activated the windows firewall service when I was trying to troubleshoot, but it was late and I'm not absolutely certain - I did read this needs enabled when I was googling for similar error codes related to other applications. I'll try this and make sure its enabled to see if it makes a difference. I think there are about 50 disabled services - so the thought of enabling all of them, then disabling them one by one, meanwhile installing and uninstalling XTU to test... That sounds daunting. If neither massman's suggestion or the firewall suggestion fixes it, I might just setup a vanilla win7 for XTU in order to save time though.
  7. Ya, I ran those installs after I first received the error - they installed fine. Rebooted, still no luck for XTU. I may need to just do a full fledged install to get it running, but I'm sure someone else will encounter this with a stripped OS at some point. FWIW, this OS isn't stripped... just services disabled. I've used this windows configuration in the past, and all other benchmarks have ran on it (2d and 3d)... Though I haven't tested anything else on this specific install.
  8. No problem, glad you are aware of it. It is never down when I'm not on LN2 by the way.
  9. When trying to navigate to the homepage, or any page not on HWBot forums - the site is inaccessible. It doesn't even try to load, just immediately errors. Been this way for the last couple errors.
  10. I have a regular win7 64, with most services disabled. I get an error when executing the msi file for Intel XTU. Before I got this error, I got another error when installing one of the prerequisites - that was fixed by enabling the windows module installer service. That let me get further along in the installation process, but I still got hung up again. I don't have the error code currently, but will come back here when I do have it. Basically, there are service dependencies that the Intel XTU application requires to be enabled, and I think I have those services disabled... I just don't know which ones.
  11. Fwiw, I don't follow all of tweaktowns stuff, like I have never read a memory review there previously. But I do read their storage stuff, and their content within SSD reviews is really good. Chris Ramseyer writes those articles, and he is an acquaintance/friend of mine. So for that reason, I just wantedbto put it out there that writing Tweaktown off across the board may leave you missing out on what they do have that is good.
  12. I can't speak to "good" as I haven't tried it yet, but if you want to try this and post your feedback: http://www.overclockers.com/3step-guide-to-overclock-intel-haswell Seems as though some others have been through it and its working out for them.
  13. I don't think HWBot needs to control the flow of funding, and I think there is little it can do to exert control. Transparency is good, but it is a problem currently. There isn't any framework provided for this at HWBot, and there should be. Can improve this several ways: 1. Members can disclose affiliation There should be a way to disclose your affiliations. Don't know anything about overclocking and you see AndreYang's profile on HWBot? Awesome results, but no indication that he is any different from anyone else. There should be a place where vendor employees can show who they are - "Asus Employee". Or "Overclockers Admin". Or "HWBot Manager" We list only the person's team currently. There should be a field where users can fill out any industry business relationship, that is displayed on the user's profile. 2. Members can disclose hardware/bill sponsorship There should be a way to show what was given to you and it should be possible to reflect the nature of the gift - it was a straight sponsorship gift, if it was a sponsored loaner item, if it was a review sample, it was a prize that was won, etc. If someone provides LN2 or LHe. These should be listed in the profile somewhere. 3. Members can disclose event participation There should also be a way to show what you have been part of - HWBot should define events that are reported to them, or known industry events, then members can reflect they took part. This would include sponsored events - MOA, etc. It could also include team meetups and promotions, if they are reported to hwbot. It could also include media events - new hardware launches, etc. It could also include binning opportunities - a retailer let you do an event and bin 50 CPUs, a vendor flew you to HQ and you binned 100 CPUs to set a record, etc. It should be possible to reflect if you were just an attendee or a participant (viewing a demo or performing a demo) This doesn't even have to be enforced. Simply the ability for people to disclose things on their profile would be a huge step forward, and unless HWBot makes it possible, there isn't anything members can do to be transparent with others in the community.
  14. HWM league is a grinders game. It doesn't reflect performance which exceeds that of ones peers. It reflects more activity and experience with hardware - respectable, but something different than OC league. I was talking about his oc league rank, where he has 320 globals and 120 hardware from pcm05. Half his OC league rank is inflated from pcm05. More importantly though, I have tremendous disdain for the way he treats others in the community on a consistent basis. Irresponsibly reporting his competitor submissions. Complaining often. Calling cheat at any hint of an opportunity. I like to respect everyone who is contributing across the enthusiast community and helping to build it. Moose's actions make that especially hard, and I don't think he makes it a better place... He shows a narcissistic and anitsocial tendency that rubs a lot of people the wrong way.
  15. Run some legitimate benchmarks and earn the right to complain Moose. The people your are complaining about could just as easily complain about all the PCMark points you have, with virtually zero competition. Your rank is artificially inflated so really you are talking about people with scores that aren't even comparable to your own.
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