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  1. Where are you booting it? Is it on a cardboard box, or anything it could be shorting on? If its in a case or on a benching station, I'd pull that sucker and set it on a mobo box to see if everythings legit.
  2. Does that tool have profiles? I often use the keyboard hotkeys afterburner gives. May try that out for vmem tho at least. Thanks.
  3. I sometimes submit during a session. Usually wait until its done though, and submit at the end of each night. Wouldn't mind being able to submit on phone, but I need the laptop anyways to look at rankings and plan my takedowns while I'm running. Might as well submit on the lappy. I wouldn't count Kenny. Doesn't he submit 3 times a year?
  4. No sinks. Full pot, so there's a reasonable amount of PCB cold creep. But those fans in the back of the picture, I also have one of those pointed at the VRM which was moved for this picture - they move a lot of air. Afterburner tops out at 1.5V, so not a ton of voltage involved. Dunno if that might be holding me back under other benches. I tried running 3d06 also last night but couldn't get it running under respectable clocks. Gotta figure that out but haven't spent much time on it yet.
  5. Bump. Had PMs with interest, still available.
  6. Drama? Sorry for talking about my first voltmod I guess, not like I'm making myself out to be an expert. So ya, I didn't see drama here but I'll serve you some up! At least it's a mod used for an actual benchmark with real competition. I mean, I could spend my time running PCM05, stacking up gold cups that aren't contested by anyone serious, except for one or two people who haven't lost interest due to the way you and others have attempted to exploit the benchmark making it irrelevant to virtually everyone who might have cared at some point. I mean look at what you've done at this point, really you just copied my storage setup and added a secondary raid card, then pillaged the global rankings in every category where you have virtually no competition at the top of the rankings. That makes up virtually all of your meaningful global points, and your 3D globals are marginal at best. PCM05 also makes up over 130 of your hardware points, which if you take away those, you'd probably lose some of your false sense of self worth. Now that's drama!
  7. Sorry I was unclear Kenny. There are no OCP mods on this card, I'm doing them tonight. Having done this card myself, I only did vGPU, not realizing the importance of OCP. I've got maybe a half dozen similar cards here, which did have OCP done on them as well as the other mods by Bobnova - they were just buried under hotglue and I never realized OCP was needed as well as the volt mods. I've been spoiled by buying cards, Bobnova doing the dirty work, and then I get a card ready to rock and all I have to do is bench it.
  8. Sweet YHPM. Thanks man! I've been getting some coaching on what sort of inventory I should build up for future soldering, but I haven't ordered anything yet. Why u no bench g80? We can't let k404 have all the fun. I've actually been having a blast on it the past few months... For $20-40 for cards, fully hard modded (bobnova has been doing my mods), you can just hammer the volts, then light them on fire if they don't bench good, they're cheap. I appreciate the tip on OCP by the way. I hadn't ever thought about it honestly. Bobnova puts so much hotglue on the suckers to make them indestructible, its hard to see whats actually going on underneath.
  9. Cool, good to know. I usually send my cards through a teammate, who voltmods them including a load of hot glue to keep all the bits where they belong... I never realized there were OCP mods underneath it all.
  10. I don't mean to nitpick, but there are several misleading statements here I'd like to address... Anandtech forums, Overclock.net, and techpowerup forums are arguably bigger than they have ever been (among others, these are just a few examples). The market is changing from what it used to be, but I don't know if dying is the word for it. Maybe some old fashioned parts are becoming less relevant, but surely the market isn't dieing. The PC market grew by 1.7% in 2011, was expected to grow by .9% in 2012, and was forecasted to grow by over 6% in 2013. 2011 was a record year for PC gaming sales. In Q4 2012, mobile PC shipments dropped 11% while desktop dropped 6% - Q4 wasn't great but the rest of the year wasn't so bad. Mobile is growing, but its replacing consumption machines and secondary machines. Anyone creating or doing work is still doing it on a PC, albeit often mobile, but PC building is probably more popular now than ever, and PC gaming is growing while consoles are continuing to tank. And PC gaming in 2012? Possibly the best year ever. Here's one interesting article/roundup. Also there is crazy exciting stuff going on with kickstarter and game development, we ran a series about it on Overclockers.com and this is actually a big thing... Thanks to crowd sourcing game developers are able to bring things to the PC that weren't able to get through big publishing houses. There are projects raking in over a million dollars in funding in less than a day. With that said, it's also worth keeping in mind that many of us have been at this for over a decade now. What you say about jobs and families is surely more true now than it has been in the past - the market is bigger, and there's more of us now than ever who grew up on the stuff and now have real responsibilities. So its important to always be bringing in new blood and inspiring interest... But at the same time, I've been hanging out with this crowd for over a decade, and this hobby rocks. I might be busier, but I'm not going anywhere. So to wrap up, it isn't all doom and gloom. Subzero is bigger than it has ever been. A lot of things are going right. Lot's of dedicated people who want to see HWBot succeed even if we don't agree with decisions at times... Rev 3 and rev 4 both went over like a ton of bricks pretty much, but most all of us stuck through it. Most guys I know who aren't around as much anymore just grew up and their interests changed. Life happens. We'll be ok.
  11. First card I volt-modded myself, GPU only but I couldn't get it stable past air clocks. Figures. Good efficiency and CPU clocks goes a long way at least. Will have to revisit this one.
  12. I agree there icebob. Without an ongoing league ranking, there would be a bit less motivation for stuff like that. At least for me, the competitive part of the ranking, like constantly trying to catch and stay ahead of mikecdm (I don't stay ahead very often) and thinking of someday catching stever0 is motivating. Gunslinger dropped back to XOC now too, and is within striking distance... I like having another target relatively within reach. But they still do get points, global/hardware rankings, and reputation... But the league ranking is nice. Talking internally with my team, I'm going to go in with some guys on the ProOC cup for 3 months. I'll lose my league ranking, but my points still help the team, and I still can look at my point total compared to other guys... I just won't show up in the XOC list. That seems ok with me, and the Pro OC is only 5 benches in 3 months split by 5 guys... So it could be easy and fun to make a respectable showing. We're all amateurs but Hokie, so we don't expect to win... But we do want to represent our team as best we can. I've never been in pro league, so I can't say how I would feel in their shoes. This is just my opinion, and I'm interested to see how Pro OC cup works out if it goes forward as planned.
  13. Still get boints bob which helps your regular team but it doesn't help in league ranking because there is no pro league ranking - the points still show up under the pro's profile. They also still show up in the global and hardware rankings... The only part missing is their rank in the pro league.
  14. If there were a disclosure field, several things could happen, all of which seem positive. I can't think of any negatives. Many people wonder about certain users. Who they are, how they are able to do what they do, or how sponsored are they? - We could put details in the disclosure field about our hardware (I bench with a couple boards provided by a manufacturer, I got a Revodrive once, everything else I submit with I've purchased) - We could put details in the disclosure filed about who we are (I could disclose that I manage Overclockers.com. Other people could disclose who is in a group account - I don't know who all is in Team.AU or if/when it changes. Same goes for Amateurs - I know one guy, but not sure who else and if they usually bench together. Other accounts like this also, I don't know who I am benching against, and that doesn't feel very "community". Disclosure field would fix this) - We could put details in the disclosure field about our cooling (LN2 price, if our cooling is sponsored) - We could put details in the disclosure field about any industry associations (Like "I run a computer shop", or "I work with a computer shop who provides samples when I need them", or "I get to bin dozens of CPUs before buying from my local computer shop") So ya, a disclosure field would be cool. It doesn't have to be used or enforced. However if it at least existed, anyone could choose to use it if they felt so inclined or not. The disclosure field could be a text field we can just fill out, or it could list certain specific questions - Do you work in the PC hardware industry? What usernames bench under thsi account? Do you receive more or less than $XXX in sponsorships annually?
  15. Subbed to see updates when it gets run.
  16. 50L Dewar (tank) - *Used/Tested* - Vacuum is great, used extensively Heatware Feedback is 33-0-0: click here Description and Price: 50L Dewar (tank) - *Used/Tested* - Vacuum is great, used extensively http://www.overclockers.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=88640&d=1291475327 Verification picture: http://db.tt/j4xq8v9F Now $550 (was $600) shipped US 48, shipping elsewhere negotiable. $100 off for Overclockers.com benching team ================================================ Shipping: Shipping Methods:UPS or Fedex Payment Methods (in order of preference): Paypal USPS Money Order
  17. Whoa, that seems over complicated. To be last out of over 100 submissions, you have to do something wrong. What can you do wrong to get last place? -Bad platform choice -bad OS -didn't run the benchmark right -et cetera Pick any benchmark in the database where there are more than 100 submissions, look at the last place submission, and you can state exactly what was done wrong. Regardless of the reason when there is over 100 submissions and you get last place, it isn't open for debate - there is sufficient data to confidently say last place is a non-competitive submission. With very few submissions like <10, last place may be competitive, but there is not sufficient data for the algorithm to be sure if last place sucks. That said... Any way you want to slice the pie, when you have >100 submissions in a certain ranking, last place never deserves more points compared to when you have <10 submissions and last place. One is definitely not competitive, one could still be competitive but the algorithm can't be sure... If they received equal points, that might be logical. If the confirmed non-competitive submission receives more points than the potentially competitive submission, that isn't logical. As I mentioned before, I don't know that its a problem that needs to be fixed really. What difference does it make. I do think the algorithm isn't treating these cases logically however.
  18. Sandbagging. Won't know if anyone is actually competing until the first deadline arrives. Only need a couple good teams to jump in at the deadline to make it a little interesting.
  19. Why is 5/5 better than 165/165? Because the 5/5 submission has 160 chances to not become 165/165... Ya, it could actually be the worst score anyone could ever submit. But probability dictates that if 160 more submissions were made, at least one of them would likely be worse. I am not a betting man, but I would take that bet. A 5/5 score has the potential to be a pretty good result, beaten by 4 better results. It could also just suck, but it could be pretty good. A 165/165 score is terrible, either due to the choice of hardware, skills, or other problems with the rig. It cannot be a good result, because its been confirmed that everyone else who bothered to run it was able to run it better.
  20. Nope, no major complaints. I don't really think its a problem, I mean the algorithm works. I guess this is just an edge case where it looks sort of weird and made me wonder how HTPP worked. Mainly for instance, in popular categories the points for last place seems to vary but its usually more than than first place in an unpopular category. Just seems weird and I hadn't noticed before. It makes sense though when you say 82nd out of 165 isn't really hard, so the reward makes sense when I think about it a little more in that situation.
  21. Thanks, I just ran into this yesterday, so I hit back and just entered everything manually because I wasn't sure if I would be able to edit after submitting. Forgot to come back here and report it.
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