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  1. Not sandbag. This was around where it would run at. I have had a number of 960Ts and I wasn't able to match my old wprime times with this chip - maybe they were done on a different CPU than I was running last night. No idea honestly. Been a while since I ran AMD also, so I was relearning it really.
  2. Thanks for the tip. I was told everyone is running on w7 and 64bit by team mates... I just didn't have the OS handy and was running cinebench for the first time.
  3. L307B263... Waiting for a board to drop it into.
  4. Happened daily for the past few days, so I'll know again by tomorrow if its fixed or not. Cleared out the hwbot cookies, so it should be a fresh start.
  5. So thats what they look like in good condition. Got one, fun board. Mine just has a bunch of heatsinks replaced so it doesn't have the branding or style.
  6. $400 w/ local pickup. There are no dewars on the market of this size, at this price, pre-tested to hold cold with actual LN2. Shipping extra. It's about 20" in diameter, 58" high, and 200LBs empty, so if you are wondering how much it costs to ship, the answer is A LOT. I can give quotes if interested. I can deliver, depending on your location - my delivery cost is $.25/mile round trip (gas costs me $.21/mile). This is the same model I use regularly. It has been filled once, to test if it holds cold, and over 24 hours no condensation formed. These are not new dewars, but they are built like army tanks. The other dewar I have had longer and use regularly came from military surplus, this one came from a university, which they probably got from the military. To fill off it, just hold your thermos up to the spout and turn it on. Don't be a wuss. In the pictures you'll see I have a cryogenic hose, but I only use that to transfer between dewars - it wastes LN2 using it to fill a thermos. Your dewar is the one with the black collar on top (Mine is the old one with the ROG sticker on it, the other one is already sold):
  7. I could try to find the cookies and delete them manually. That is probably what I'll do if it keeps happening. Today when I came back though, I was still me so maybe it fixed itself. I can't clear cache and stored passwords, as I have about 10 sites I help manage, with 3 usernames/passwords for each, and each have testing sites with 3 more usernames/passwords... I REALLLLLY don't want to go back through and re-save all those credentials. Chrome is really nice about syncing passwords across devices and it really helps my workflow to keep everything saved.
  8. Under 5 minutes, a good start... Though now I see you've been under 5 minutes before. Nice.
  9. I don't think anyone was saying you could go through 100+ and not find a good one. Maybe you misunderstood that part. Won't be published if most of that effort was for internal marketing purposes. But Andre Yang was reported to go through 500+ chips in his binning (reference, see the "small note on extreme overclocking" heading: http://www.overclockers.com/3step-guide-to-overclock-intel-haswell), according to statements made during a press visit to ASUS US by Overclockers.com. I'm sure he isn't the only one that has been through more than a hundred at this point.
  10. This discussion is ignorant, so let's hijack it with something better. So you are saying that 7 out of 100 is 6.5G? Doing my arithmetic on that, it means 1 out of 15 is 6.5G. That isn't bad odds for binning.
  11. Ok, so that was me who just posted that. I just logged out, and logged back in as me. However when I return to the site later, or next week, I'll probably end up logged in as Jaymz9350 somehow. Jaymz9350 is cool and all, a friend of mine even... But if I was going to be someone else, couldn't I be AndreYang?
  12. Your sig shows Overclockers for me... Anyone else seeing that? He's on Team China. Weird.
  13. Pretty cool stuff. Hopefully I can try it out here sometime soon. Congrats on the cooperation, pretty impressive arrangement.
  14. I had problems with GPUz showing correctly. Left afterburner open to show real clocks. I'd say your clocks were set, just reported incorrectly in GPUz.
  15. Nice work gunslinge. Impressive benching at the event too, you held down that corner and just did work.
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