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  1. Frosty Fusion 3.1 and Raptor 3... This 4890 is the first card I ever ran on cold a couple years ago. It has no cold bug, and its had the absolute snot kicked out of it... But I hit the highest clocks I've ever ran on it with the Raptor 3. Got about 20MHz extra on the core in 3DMark2001 for 1230MHz. The Fusion 3.1 I liked running as well, but need to get used to it some more - I didn't find any immediate clock advantages so far. Need to spend more time with it and see what I think. Just starting out: Getting colder: Just before I had to tear down and get ready to leave: Was great meeting mikecdm for the first time. He really enjoyed beating me in 3dm2001 on my own rig:
  2. This was covered. Can't put motivations in place to encourage people to lower clocks for the screenshot. If there were a solution for that, then I'd agree.
  3. Good, I'm coming for it. lol Not that you have anything to worry about. I was topped out last time so I'd need to find some new tricks.
  4. I'm just looking forward to your backups and the new runs. Need someone to give you a bit more competition up there and draw them out.
  5. Where'd you find the Cinebench rules at? lol I'd read them if I could find they existed. It doesn't have any on the main page: http://hwbot.org/benchmarks/processor The general rules for all benches do state CPU-Z CPU and Memory tabs: http://hwbot.org/article/general_rules Rules also state that for scores not earning global points, which are not suspicious, minor errors in the submissions can be approved by mods. So this is fine regardless.
  6. eek ya, 3 grams, thats $4/gram. Maybe I'll think about getting some special paste in stock to try out for rare occasions. Thanks by the way, I saw their product info page, but I missed the shopping page.
  7. I went from Ceramique, to MX-2 and have been satisfied with the change. I used ceramique because I do so many mountings with regular subzero benching, and it was especially cheap for the big tube. MX-2 wasn't as cheap, but I could get a 65g tube so it fit the bill: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835186057 So for 65 grams, its less than a dollar a gram. As far as pastes go, >$1/gram is pretty expensive. Lots of options at $1/gram. Few options that are decent <$1/gram. Gelid Extreme is $2.70/gram or more. I can't find anywhere that you can even buy Junpus d9000.
  8. Isn't that voltage limited? For instance I thought it would reset voltage to less dangerous levels when using hotkeys. Not good if you want consistent dangerous volts.
  9. They started other teams. So they need to follow your lead to get the graphics inn place if they'd like to do so.
  10. I thought hokie pm'd or emailed massman to get that done.
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