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  1. there´s no interesting competition for me since country cup 2015. i don´t have skylake and i am no rookie, so i can´t compete in most of the other competitions. tried i3 2100 in challenger III, but unlocked i3 skylake seems to be faster... to much break, i want a competition!!! :battle:
  2. I am ready, but HWBOT isn´t >_< maybe they have to include the super pi fullout @ win98 stage?
  3. yep, because of that my plan was trying on 2500k, too i guess we really need a competition with super pi 1m @ win98 to see, wich cpu/chipset/ram will give most performance it might be a very interesting competition with lots of trying and tweaking and maybe newest hardware will not be best...
  4. my original 3.1 disks are not working just tried a view days ago lots of read errors but i like the idea. the older, the better is 3D mark 99 running on DOS 6? get ready for a DOS full-out competition! :woot:
  5. good question maybe it wasn´t 85k but 8.5k? what´s next? super pi @ win95? might be very interesting what cpu´s would compete and how the ram will work @>256 mb...
  6. hey, great results nearly 70k pts on win98? ^^ it´s a pity i couldn´t compete, but next time i will "Its also interesting to see that most folks used more then 256mb and some used over 1gb of ram. " try to find a 256 mb ddr3-ram
  7. X1900XT allready would be fine to me edit: i´m really out now. just got a invitation to a party tonight, now 0 nights left my X800 GTO didn´t have any chance against 7900GTX and X850 XT anyway, but it would be a funny competition have fun!
  8. nice, i actually have found an old original win98 cd and allready downloaded service pack 3 and catalyst 6.2 for win98 SE is there a trick or hack to install win98 on a sata-drive?
  9. i´ve seen the competition to late. theres just one night left for me to try until competition ends (i´m not at home for weekend) including find win98 SE >_< (or try the non-SE? but all drivers and service packs i've found are for SE -.-) and i have no idea how to install on sata yet... no chance in that short time else i would try on 2500k with X800 GTO maybe there will be a classic-win competition in june? this time NT4 oder 95?
  10. same here. my sandy-board has neither ide nor ps2 but the worst: i don´t have any functional ide-hdd
  11. damn >_< the only GF7 i have is a 7200GS, i have lots of X19X0, but no X850 XT -.- the idea of Win98-competition is great, but i have the wrong hardware to compete maybe a 6800GT agp or X700/800 it´s a pity, i really like the idea of this competition. would be a great idea for team- or country cup
  12. in my case it doesn´t work even when i skip the hardwaredetection what else can i try?
  13. hey, bulgaria is the only non-australian team who won a stage i´m curious who will win stage #1
  14. it´s a good way to start a bench-session :celebration:
  15. @bob\(nz\): on cc16 we´ll meet again and i hope there will be more stages for me
  16. congrats to australia for wining the cup... again but it´s a pity that there is no exciting fight for final stage on 20th
  17. nice to see a FX9590 on first place in a fullout competition well done :celebration:
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