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  1. i like this one but SSE Smackdown sounds great, too.
  2. if u participate it is automatically your team, too. because u r a part of the team in that case u represent the team alone
  3. done but please make a team competitions. i like team-play like team-cup 3-month-competitions would be ok to me. spring, summer, autumn, winter
  4. after 3 days running "not exact in round" :woot: but i like the idea hey, whats about a "longest lasting..." competition? the longest lasting super pi 1m-run for cpu (486 ftw ) and longest lasting aquamark-run for gpu? the oldest hardware would be the best another idea: last century-challange: only hardware cpu AND gpu from 1999 and older is allowed thats pentium1, amd k6, cyrix 6x86, voodoo2, riva tnt2, s3 savage4....
  5. i have an idea for a whole competition for nearly everybody, because it includes amd, intel, nvidia, ati, arm and others. it´s not oldschool only, but i guess it might have stages for nearly every overclocker. Stage 1, CPU: wprime Athlon vs. Pentium (only cpus named athlon or pentium are allowed, no opteron, no celeron, no duron, no xeon...) 1: 462 vs. 478 2: 939 vs. 775 (netburst) 3: AM2+ vs. 775 (core) 4: Athlon vs. Pentium "fullout" (exsample athlon 860, pentium G3258) Stage 2, GPU: 3D Mark 01 NVidia vs. ATi 1: Radeon 9k vs. GeForce 5k 2. Radeon X vs. GeForce 6k 3. Radeon 1k vs. GeForce 7k 4. Radeon 2k vs. GeForce 8k (G80) Stage 3, different stuff: 1: FSB S 775 (or different socket, something cheap for fun) 2: Ram-clock @ CL7 (it´s harder than easily buy a ddr 3000-kit ) 3: HWBOT-Prime @ Smartphone (fullout) 4: HWBOT Prime @ Raspberry Pi 5: AGP: Aquamark non-NVidia/ATi (3DFX, SiS, S3, Kyro...)
  6. athlon 64 (non FX) processors for S939 are not allowed because of no "FX" athlon 64 FX-51 processors are not allowed because of S940 right?
  7. whats about that: let each stage last a whole weekend next time but the target-score will not be announced until the stage starts. so you really have to bench within the weekend und not the fastest typer will win but that guy who really reach the target result fist?
  8. yeah, y allways xtu? -.- my gigabyte with FX8350 can´t participate because of that
  9. yeah GF3 stage was nice =) and i liked raspberry, too nice competition
  10. i´ve found the thread, but it doesn´t work on my pi on runlevel 1 it won´t run prime... anyway, team-cup is over for me now
  11. how do u guys get such high results? i only got 478 pts @1150 mhz cpu/450 mhz sdram with java8. what am i doing wrong to get such weak results? need help! what clock is possible for sdram without cooling?
  12. end of september would be ok to me, too. what a surprise
  13. ok in case of gt610 it wouldn´t be cpu-limited bei kabini it doesn´t really matter to me because i don´t have a kabini, but i´m courious how much power it might have in case of full-out
  14. because it would be cpu-limited it is imho indeed a meaning of kabini. for exsample: if u have a better kabini but only a 7970 u might get better results as if u have a bad kabini-sample but a gtx780 ti
  15. woah what a chaos =O and really stuff for everyone smartphones, raspberry, very old hardware, new stuff... would be very interesting Ö_Ö
  16. moah it´s just at end of my holidays what´s about a sneak preview wich hardware is needed?
  17. what´s the problem? if u have no idea what to bench we can make suggestions. what´s about this?: stage 1: geforce 3d-mark 01; geforce 1 to gtx700/titan stage 2: radeon 3d-mark 03; radeon 7k to r9 stage 3: pentium wprime 32: pentium 1 to pentium haswell stage 4: athlon super pi: athlon, athlon xp, athlon64... to athlon richland stage 5: 3DMark - Ice Storm Unlimited - fullout there is something for everybody, isn´t it?
  18. almost ready, hum? and i bet when team cup at least starts, there will be no stage for me i´m curious what hardware will be needed Ö_Ö
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