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  1. it was a great competition congrats to everyone only the timing was bad for me because i was most time on journey especially the lowpoint-stages were nice. and 486 was really cool, but this time i could not participate >_< my own fault, hope next time there will be a 486-stage, too and a 3D-mark 01-agp-non nvidia/ati stage
  2. this: http://forum.hwbot.org/showpost.php?p=410306&postcount=10 and a non amd/intel/nividia stage limited to agp =) voodoo ftw!
  3. yeah the first run was way to fast. have to use a slower cpu need a willamette but i don´t have time for a second run because of my hollydays -.- next time a benchmark that lasts less than a day please!
  4. why isn´t it possible to validate cpu-z by file anymore? validate online works, but i have to validate by file because the benchsystem doesn´t have a connection to the network. i´ve tried several times, then i tried on a different system. validate by file same problem ("Corrupted or missing CVF (Code: 2) "), validating online just a few seconds later works.
  5. theres another problem: for stage 1 and 2 cpu-z is useless it can´t validate good cpus for that stages. only such modern stuff like pentium and amd k6 but what´s about classic cpus?
  6. i think target score stage is a nice idea, but it shoud be a little bit different: the target shoud be a secret until the stage starts. if the target is known before, everybody has already the result and will upload it within the first seconds. that´s imho boring and has nothing to do with the benchmark. the benchmark itself will be pointless but if the target is secret until the stage is open, everybody has to hurry to choose the best benchsystem and clocks and try to hit the target first i guess it would be much more fun, wouldn´t it?
  7. the northbridgeclock is shown on memorytab but whats the uncore on cpu-z?
  8. great idea with hall of fame but where is the socket 1 hall of fame?
  9. yeah there shoud be a separate ranking for performance in a hardware generation. why is a weak benchmark on a modern pc @ stock more worth than I.nfraR.ed awesome socket 7-results? and you don´t need skill to completely destroy the very best agp-results in the world by just benching a gtx960 @ stock on a core i5. whats about generation wr-points? all sockets and gpu of a geneartion (exsample s939, 478, gf5 and r9k are one generation) compare together in a separate ranking.
  10. not if it becomes a stage in the old-school-battle @GENiEBEN: good idea, but i´m not shure wich benchmark will run on it
  11. as slow as a 486DX4-100? i only have a 387 fpu but 487 fpus will own that challange edit: oh without. sry i read "with" first time without might be interesting, too. i have a 486SX 25. but best would be a 486SX-2 50, right?
  12. in that case u could post your sandbag-results weeks before stage closed because there isn´t enough time to beat that time with a 486 super pi on 486 and aquamark on riva 128 would really be hardcore because only one run lasts weeks or months oh it´s faster than i tought. even a 386 @ 16 mhz needs less than a month for a 1M: http://hwbot.org/submission/2133058_drswizz_superpi___1m_386sx_16_25days_20h_31min_23sec_647ms there should be wr-points for results like that. it´s harder to make such a result than just cooling a devils canyon with ln2 und let it run a few seconds especially when super pi after 3 weeks says "not exact in round" the wr for longest lasting 1m run...
  13. pft, you young guys with your modern stuff like MMX. this is for oldschool! 486DX4-100 vs. pentium 90! :battle: is there any benchmark for a tseng ET6000?
  14. in that case i´m glad i´ve never run a pcm05 after i was told the mouse-movement is important to the result. since than the 05 was absolute ridiculous to me. whats about vintage hardware series w/o festival? VHS
  15. sure but i hate that benchmark. i´ll only get a tennis elbow from maltreating the mouse isn´t there a other benchmark that will measuring all components except the mouse? whats about 3d mark 06 on pentium III? the very best paltform for it will be dual-PIII-S and best gpu the HD3850 AGP, right?
  16. @frag: some nice ideas but PCMark 2005 is crap to me >_< i like the bonus category best. thats really rare and old stuff
  17. i want a "oldest..." stage like in the turrican-challange. but this time without limitation because of the benchmark. lets see the very oldest hardware of overclockers ever
  18. for multi-socket-fans: perhaps we shoud use benchmarks like wprime without limitation to cpu numbers. so user without multi-cpu can compete and get some points but multisocket get the most points.
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