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  1. and outside it´s gonna be warmer each day the weather becomes to good to sit at home and bench
  2. i just want to know wich hardware is needed and if there are any stages for me Ö_Ö benchmarks i like the classics 3D mark 01 and super pi best
  3. unfortunately i don´t have the hardware to compete seriously, so i don´t participate good luck to all participants
  4. i guess there is a little mistake: "Stage-Start 06.03.2014 12:00 +0000" "The ranking starts at 12:00h 3 Juni. "
  5. i´ve been warm since the three warm-ups, but im cooling down each day... where is the team-cup?
  6. everybody warm now? ok lets finally begin the team-cup congrats to all teams especially to classicplattforms for leading nearly the whole april! :celebration: and of course to hwbox hellas für winning the tripple
  7. yeah, especialy because of the cheap and special hardware.
  8. maybe put the old results in an own section "maxxmem - old" and close it?
  9. congrats to all, especially HwBox Hellas O/C Team :celebration: now we are warm enough for team-cup! let´s go massman
  10. congrats turrican :nana: :banana:
  11. yeah, and you forgot the cpu-z on validation screen. i´m sorry but your submission is invalid
  12. @I.nfraR.ed: congrats to the world record for 6 core-cpu
  13. how did u manage to use a FX-8320 on a Maximus V Gene? maybe wrong cpu-model, hm?
  14. no wr-points for massman 2048? could be a stage for team-cup
  15. something new here? i could provide my garage if it would help, but i suspect it´s not big enough for 71 overclockers
  16. the 3d on amd stage was a great idea. 3d fun without binned 4770k and i like the 3DM01 because it isn´t automaticly the most expensive gpu the best in that stage has a cheap phenom II with gtx260 good chances hope something like that would be in the team-cup
  17. @BennyDragonheart: it´s because win8 makes wrong results. for hwbot u allways need win7 or older until ms fix that problem with win8.
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