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  1. @ozzie: no, its old enough to categorise it as old, but old isn´t the same as old school. haswell is old, but 64-bit cpu is modern, because kaby lake und zen will be 64 bit cpu. u can categorise as u want. that´s only the way i would categorise "old school", because it has effect to the benchmarks. for exsample u can´t make a 64 bit benchmark on a 32 bit cpu... but u can make every benchmark running at kaby lake running at 775, too.
  2. @ topic: in my eyes is old school cpu 32 bit and older gpu DX9 and older 64 bit cpu und gpu with DX1X is in my eyes the border to modern technology. i know s775 and 8800GTX are old, but they are not old school to me.
  3. nice try but u used the wrong gpu. we need that result on G92 OC eSports good job
  4. there should be a 775 stage and a am3 stage in every big cup because it´s very cheap so everybody can join in and it´s lots of fun maybe you can add one stages or two until 1st november as little surprise?
  5. ...winter is coming... (starks are allways right :battle:) that would really be bad luck for australia
  6. yeah, me for exsample no need to hide it, just bring it on!
  7. why not 15th of october? december is country cup 2016 running (i hope )
  8. i totaly agree. nice idea, but more points to make the stage and the singel results more important were imho nice...
  9. and what´s about broadwell (DDR4), broadwell-e (ddr4) and haswell-e (DDR4)? and where is the FX-stage for current amd "highend"?
  10. as we learned on july 1st @12 o clock they´ll move the start for another two weeks to july 15th
  11. because of that it was a great idea =) and lots of tweaking possible and a lot to try. for exsample making the 2600k sandy ready for win98 was a great idea and good work =) this stage should be a bonus-stage at tc2016 and this time i will participate
  12. it is easier with frequency cap, but it´s a competition, it shouldn´t be easy
  13. there are lots of competitions for binned skylake + GTX1080. only a few guys with best samples can realy compete in stages for this hardware. a amd k6 or pentium II or whatever kosts maybe 5,- € at ebay. everybody can compete. so i like the idea of cups where these expensive hardware does not matter and everybody has same chance to compete.
  14. are u kidding me? >_< ok i´m out. i´ve had time and LN2 in june. in july/august i have neither time nor LN2. disappointing
  15. tomorrow @12 o clock they´ll move the start to 1st july
  16. but maybe it could be interesting what the apps do to someone to me for exsample please if someone knows could he discribe in a few words what it is good for?
  17. no good idea to me. i don´t have to much time so i have to plan early enough.
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