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The Official Country Cup Thread 2023


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Onto the next big one,


Country Cup will be scheduled for October 16th till 20th of December 2023




  • The HWBOT Country Cup 2023 allows only single CPU socket retail motherboards and single GPU retail Videocard submissions (unless specifically stated otherwise). 
  • No Laptop or other mobile devices, desktop hardware only!
  • Please ensure that the verification screenshot includes the competition background, on top of  the standard HWBOT rules, a CPU-Z Motherboard tab is required. 
  • Plz check out the Standard and specific Country Cup 2023 Rules laid down per stage before submitting! 

  • CPU-Z version 2.0.8 or newer
  • GPU-Z version 2.55.0 or newer
  • BenchMate version 10.12.2 or newer





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First impression: isn't country cup normally shorter than team cup?

I appreciate the configured stages are kinda random but here are my thoughts on them as they are:

ycruncher 5b isn't a good idea, a nonstandard benchmark always causes problems.  Could be removed to shorten competition.

Intel HEDT 32M looks fun.

Cinebench R24 per core count incl. AM3 is a good idea to get some subs going.  Is it supported by benchmate yet?

Thuban GB6 single is redundant because the CB24 stage includes thuban.  Could be removed to shorten competition.

Time Spy Extreme 4-core CPU you'll get a lot of people complaining about having to do the full run.  There's argument for excluding LGA1700 because of AVX512 lottery.

HWBOT x265 Core i5 kinda random but sure.

7zip 2-core could probably benefit from being per socket, otherwise it's all lga1700 bclk.  Does 7zip benefit from AVX512?  If so I'd prefer to see LGA1700 excluded otherwise the optimal hardware is gonna be rare.

GPUPI 3.3 for CPU 6-core DDR4 looks fun.

GPU Stages no strong opinions other than cloud gate probably needs a yos pass to figure out how to define hardware without loopholes/issues

Memory Stages look great

Misc Stages see attachment


(but seriously... aquamark dogpile would just be swapping GPUs on a cold CPU and the comp is super long as it is)

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Let's go true overclocking!!!

  • 1/2/3/4GHz best SP32M on 370/478/775/1156/1366 sockets
  • best memory clock at CL3/CL4/CL5/CL6/CL7
  • worst result in 2001 3dmark
  • best AIDA latency on DDR/DDR2/DDR3/DDR4
  • the biggest gathering of overclockers
  • Something really big: the largest total number of points in 3Dmark06/vantage/11 on any video cards on whole country
  • let's check Cinebench24 - 1/2/4/6/8 cores stage on amd or intel
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Thank you for ending the comp before Christmas.

I enjoyed the AMD GPU stage last year that specified AM3 socket motherboard.

Wondering if we could see a 14nm AMD CPU/GPU stage (both CPU and GPU must be on 14 Nm). Kind of the OldZenRamvenge meets GPUs.

Or AM4 socket with a Polaris 20 series GPU instead of the AMD iGPU. Could still use Night Raid

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On 9/18/2023 at 6:10 PM, ObscureParadox_3XS said:

Worth somebody testing, but will AM3 even work on cinebench 2024? According to cinebench website you need SSE 4.2 and as far as I'm aware thuban doesn't support it, therefor it shouldn't work on this bench.

for cb24 required avx2

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  • Leeghoofd changed the title to The Official Country Cup Thread 2023
2 hours ago, Leeghoofd said:

I know TIm is advised, if I select Country Ranking it errors out... so it has to do atm till he fixes it

This stage ends in 3 days
https://hwbot.org/competition/country cup 2023misc/stage/5759_aquamark_dogpile_-_max_60_subs

and this stage opens at Oct 26th !!
https://hwbot.org/competition/country cup 2023memory/stage/5743_pyprime_-_32b_with_benchmate_-_cas_26

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