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  1. Usually Clear CMOS after failed OC is needed in order to reset Intel ME. Either it is your OC that is failing due to too low vCore, or you could also have the same issue than Joe90br and your Intel ME might be broken. Only advice I can give is to try to increase voltage back to 1.35v or to flash your BIOS several times until it works... Anyway guys, please do note that Non-K OC is not officialy supported and will never be. I have personally tried the BIOS listed in this thread and they work without major issues, so I'm not going to spend anymore time on this, you have to figure out yourself.
  2. Your ME is probably broken, try to flash BIOS with M-FLASH and/or FPT several times until it works.
  3. It boots easily just by setting 12-12-12-28-220-1T and left the rest auto. I'll say this once again: You CAN'T compare memory OC on Mini-ITX/2 DIMM boards with ATX T-Topology, they are worlds appart! A fair comparison would be XPOWER vs M8E vs OCF vs SOC Force or M8I vs MOCF vs Z170I GAMING PRO And has been done more than once: Benchbros also recently posted several results on XPOWER with B-DIE: http://hwbot.org/submission/3191899_benchbros_cinebench___r11.5_core_i7_6700k_15.75_points http://hwbot.org/submission/3191903_benchbros_geekbench3___multi_core_core_i7_6700k_27601_points http://hwbot.org/submission/3191901_benchbros_cinebench___r15_core_i7_6700k_1421_cb
  4. No it's not stupid and actually interesting. As far as I know, there is only two ways to apply CPU ST V6/PLL Termination voltage before post in order to lower CBB on Skylake: A) Embedded Controler B) Increase stock voltage by hardware As far as I know, only one vendor use the solution A (MSI has an EC but it's used for different purposes). MSI had an LN2 jumper that use solution B (JLN1, near debug LED). However, due to differences in PCH quality between pre-launch and post-launch, we stopped using this solution because ~90% of PCH chips produced post-launch can't handle the increase in voltage needed to lower CBB and will refuse to boot when JLN1 is shorted. Thus, CBB on MSI is now the same than other vendors which don't use solution A/B, unless you have an old sample or you binned boards to find a PCH that can handle said voltage increase.
  5. You are right, that's why we made the GODLIKE CARBON, because many users complained about the all Red&Black again. In fact, we did start a lot of color trends that are now copied by everyone: - 1st "Clean" Matte Black PCB motherboards (Z87 GAMING removed most of the white lines/inscriptions and moved most logos on the back of the PCB, now everyone also does that) - 1st Black&White motherboard (Z97 SLI Krait Edition, now ASUS also has some as well) - 1st RGB LED motherboard (X99A GODLIKE GAMING, now ASUS, GIGABYTE and even BIOSTAR also have it). - 1st Silver motherboard (Z170A XPOWER Titanium, still not copied yet) - 1st Carbon motherboards (Z170A GAMING PRO CARBON & X99A GODLIKE GAMING CARBON, still not copied yet) Not sure if there will ever be a purple MSI board, but an Hello Kitty version has been discussed: Hahaha
  6. Well done mate, keep pushing like this and I might have a surprise for you soon
  7. Besides MSI Steel Armor around the DIMM slots and the new CARBON color scheme it's the same board, you are right.
  8. My bad, I didn't post the link http://hwbot.org/submission/3188701_the_overclocking_knights_superpi___32m_core_i7_6700k_5min_58sec_562ms?recalculate=true
  9. Sure, I'll do that as soon as I get my notebook back with access to our internal severs (it is dead after my last trip), probably next week. I didn't update the thread with new BIOS/tools for a while and I'm sorry about that, I've been quite busy with marketing these past months...
  10. It has ALWAYS been like that guys, YOU just don't try and blindly follow the rest of the crowd! Just look at the BIOS version (130) it's bunnying oooooold! So far best 32M/XTU aircooled results I have seen on MSI are: Z170A XPOWER GAMING TE + E-DIE = 4000 12-18-18 Z170A XPOWER GAMING TE + B-DIE = 4000 12-12-12 / 3960 12-11-11 Z170I GAMING PRO + E-DIE = 4133 12-19-19 Z170I GAMING PRO + B-DIE = 4133 12-12-12 Also go look at the memory QVL of each vendors, MSI has the BEST memory compatibility on Z170 & X99, no matter the board you compare.
  11. You can already use latest official MP BIOS. When used with Non-K CPU it will display an hidden option that when enabled will allow Non-K CPU OC.
  12. Some guys already know about that for a while already but I figured I would post this here as well. HOW-TO run FULL pot on MSI: - Follow Dancop's guide for prepartion and handling: http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?t=154112 - Use PCH slot (in HOT V2 BIOS there is a bug that disable PCH slot when onboard LAN is disabled so don't forget to enable LAN after loading LN2 profile or you will get D6 post code, I'll have this fixed asap) Depending on CPU you will need: - Between 1.7v~2.4v CPU PLL - Between 1.7v~2.78v CPU PLL OC Verified on ~10 CPUs with XA, Dancop, Orion24, Zzolio, Wizerty and Bullshooter, all CPUs were running full pot with no issues with the right settings. I'll be back soon with settings to run full pot on CPU PCI-E slots.
  13. Auto should be 1.35v SA/IO I guess, but if your chip can run lower go for it
  14. Please prefer kits that on the QVL list to avoid any issues. Also if you still decide to buy a kit that is not on the list and encounter issues, you won't get support from MSI.
  15. No B-DIE on hand sadly... A bit better efficiency, still have a lot of work to do on the subtimings. Hopefully my girlfriend will let me improve this in between her TV series episodes!
  16. Be happy that anything is happening really, it's most likely last year... Also last year MOA was only an online competition to win a trip for Computex, at least this year live event with cash prize is back, even if it is not worldwide.
  17. Out of curiosity I played a bit with my Mini-ITX gaming rig at home, setup is: MSI Z170I GAMING PRO 2x4GB G.SKILL TRIDENT Z 3866 (Samsung E-DIE) @4133 12-19-19-28-300-1T i7-6700K ES Cooler Master Seidon 120XL AIO Watercooler Non-ACPI BIOS, LSC1, Wazza, Maxmem 600, fresh untrimmed & untweaked FR XP SP3. Still have to work on efficiency but I'm quite happy with that cheap gaming board.
  18. Seems good to me, but you could try to fine tune vRing manually and see if it pass lower like GunnzAkimbo suggested...
  19. FIY, Non-K OC will still work in the future on MSI motherboards and there won't be special BIOS needed anymore. When BIOS will detect Non-K CPU it use old microcode and display an option to enable Non-K OC. Will let you know which BIOS versions exactly asap.
  20. Lol! Well, if you pay for flight tickets and then some Mojitos I'm in!
  21. I recommend you to try yourself and not go over values I specified.
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