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  1. Clear CMOS is jumper or onboard button, F6 is to load default settings. To overclock with Non-K BIOS you need to adjust manually BCLK + memory frequency + vCore all at once.
  2. Message to everyone: Please don't try to change BIOS names, if M-Flash doesn't recognize BIOS file, then it's not the correct BIOS version for your motherboard, that's it. There is an error in the BIOS list posted in first page, Z170A KRAIT GAMING use BIOS E7984IMS.A6T while Z170 KRAIT GAMING use E7984IMS.B5T. I informed @t\!n0, he will correct this asap.
  3. That is normal, you can't increase or decrease CPU ratio with all Non-K OC BIOS. The proper way to overclock on these BIOS is to adjust manually BaseClock along with vCore and memory frequency.
  4. I reported to BIOS team but not sure they looked into it yet. Let me check this and get back to you asap.
  5. Please look at the first page of this thread. All models which include MSI proprietary LGA 2036 Turbo Socket are listed. X99A MPOWER is not one of them which means it will overclock Ring up to 3.7-3.8G max depending of CPU quality.
  6. I can confirm this also works on MSI Z170 motherboards. See below picture for ASMedia ports on Z170A XPOWER GAMING TE (same location on M7):
  7. I hear early March as well for US. Well noted and forwarded for XMP LED!
  8. After checking it seems that there is an error in the BIOS list. Z170A KRAIT GAMING and Z170A TOMAHAWK can't be flashed with the BIOS that have been posted. We will update new BIOS asap, thank you for your feedback @MoonShadow_CZ.
  9. Yet you were blaming MSI and the board in first place, while many other here don't have issues... So maybe that long rant of yours was unnecessary? Well, anyway I'm glad you solved your problem now.
  10. Look closer at my screenshots man, I used the HOT v2 BIOS. You can also ask HOT participants, BIOS is running 200% perfect with AFR! However if you try to compare Mini-ITX board with ATX you're doing it wrong... Z170I GAMING PRO is 130~150MHz better than XPOWER on RAM and I believe it's the same for Impact.
  11. It's not only the kit, trust me I compared with this kit myself and XPOWER can bench tRCD/tRP 1 value tighter than some other vendor. Same for my AFR at LN2 (11-15-15 vs 11-16-16) and might be the same for B-Die (I quickly tested once today and could POST at 3866 12-11-11 1.85v but unstable).
  12. Just got my hand on some B-Die as well, another quick and dirty test before leaving office, I'll try more tomorrow:
  13. Should be available around March in EU, what region are you from?
  14. @Random It seems 4000 ratio has some issues with E-Die (AFR/D-Die are fine) on latest BIOS, but it works fine if you boot at 99MHz baseclock, then adjust in OS. Just a quick and dirty test below, 4000 12-18-18 is no problem. OS crash at 4080 with those timing, to be continued...
  15. If it can pass 2 hours stress test, there is very little to no chance your issue is related to your OC. As highlighted by the error code you provided ("core error processor_dx11 code.1234"), your issue doesn't seem to be related to your motherboard but rather to DirectX 11 or OS. Anyway that's easy to verify: Just try to load default settings in BIOS (F6) and reproduce your issue, if it's still there, then please contact our technical support directly at this address: https://register.msi.com/ They will sort it out for you.
  16. Sorry for my late answer, I just got back from vacations. We changed Vdroop/Loadline calibration layout, naming and settings from BIOS 141 because it was recurrently unclear for some end-users. - Mode 1 = +0.055v load - Mode 2 = +0.02v load - Mode 3 = -0.002v to -0.004v Tested with Prime95 at 1.4v, I didn't test other modes yet but Mode 8 is definitely not the best.
  17. 123 and 131 are BETA BIOS, 120 is MP (Mass Production) BIOS. Always use MP BIOS unless you have unresolved issues to fix, in this case you could try BETA.
  18. @barti27 I know it is hard for you, but to be able to help you, please try describe issue with kind of proper english. If you can't no worry, just write in your native language, I'm sure I can find someone to translate for you.
  19. Great news, MSI can now also support NON-K CPU OC on our motherboards without external clockgen! :celebration: Check out this thread for BIOS and complete model list: http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?t=150253
  20. @BenchBros did this some time ago, before tCWL/tWRRD_sg/tWRRD_dg were fixed... As far as I know its also ok with HOT v2. Just got some long awaited E-Die (G.Skill Trident Z 3866), I will give it a try as well, but not before next year, it's vacation time now.
  21. It's not a problem, it's for compatibility and still within Intel specs. Above 3733 many CPUs need that much, if yours need less then just adjust it manualy. 4266 XMP is not supported and probably never be. As far as I know this kit is only supported by ASROCK Z170 OCF and mini ITX boards due to PCB trace layout. All other boards regardless of manufacturer stop at G.Skill 3866/Corsair 4000. However, note that I didn't say you couldn't reach 4266 OC, Toppc actually did 4600 dual channel validation on XPOWER.
  22. As far as I know NON-K CPU OC support on MSI motherboards is limited to the models I mentioned in the post above, for technical reasons explained above.
  23. Just for Martin and Albrecht, only locked CPU I could find in my department, first try. 1,45v BIOS on CPU and safe timings on G.Skill Trident Z 3866, all aircooled, nothing complicated.
  24. Yes, at a later date. Only models with external clockgen can support it though, which means Z170A GAMING G45/M5/M7/M9/XPOWER. Not at all. More like R&D didn't bother to try much higher and I don't have any locked CPU around to try myself [emoji14]
  25. NON-K OC Test BIOS updated in first page :celebration: 1. BIOS is M-flash ready. 2. EIST, C-State and Turbo Boost feature are all DISABLED in this BIOS. 3. When doing BCLK OC with non-K CPU, CPU ratio can only go up to maximum CPU ratio (non-Turbo Boost ratio) and you can’t downgrade CPU ratio. 4. Please adjust CPU Vcore voltage manually.
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