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  1. You can always try but remember, if the kit is not on the official support list, we do not guarantee proper operation or provide support, especially when the kit is not meant for X99 platform. I think the bold part was perfectly clear but anyway, there is two voltages that affect Ring overclocking: - vRing (1.25v~1.3v for 24/7) - Ring OC2 (1.4~1.45v for 24/7) You are pushing 1.45v on vRing so... Ring OC1 don't help above 0.95v so best is to keep it AUTO. Same for SA, you don't need to change this setting, AUTO is fine: Adaptive is a "dynamic mode", voltage will change depending on load. Offset mode will add voltage to stock voltage so let's say stock is 1.1v and you want 1.25v, you need to add +150mv. Override is the best in my opinion, you just key-in desired voltage directly.
  2. Memory preset is probably tighter, stable enough for benching but not for Memtest.
  3. BETA BIOS 161 uploaded in first page, it improve Memory compatibility. We are preparing a new XOC BIOS asap, including some new memory presets and full ACPI compatibility for XP! :woot:
  4. None of the Memory Preset are meant to be Memtest stable, they are just a starting base for benching.
  5. Sorry to hear, I'll keep that in mind but the answer of your question is in my previous posts!
  6. Glad you got it sorted out! 1.45v Ring for extended periods is indeed suicidal, for bench it is fine as long as CPU is cooled adequately. For 24/7, I would recommend to not go over 4GHz AUTO or 1.25v Ring / 1.4v Ring OC2. To clarify, very good chips will be able to run more than 4GHz Ring 24/7 but for most of them anything above 4GHz will be too hot and/or require too much voltages.
  7. Yours is different, as you said you can NEVER boot and it's not the same board neither.
  8. I tested this one, again without issue... See screenshots I posted. What's the post codes ? Anyway, I'm going to re-test all 17 supported boards with retail i3 6320, but I'm convinced I'm just wasting my time...
  9. You need to check this with our tech suport: https://register.msi.com/ Either you have compatibility issue or defective VGA, best is to check with them, they will help you out. BTW, I found retail i3 6320, but Z170 KRAIT GAMING sample is not available at the moment, I have to wait my turn.
  10. What do you mean A7 variant? Anyway the BIOS versions posted in this thread are all we have to offer for Non-K OC.
  11. X99A GODLIKE GAMING officially became 1st motherboard worldwide to support DDR4-3200 128Gb kit! X99A XPOWER AC, X99A GAMING 9 ACK and X99A GODLIKE CARBON will follow soon. http://www.guru3d.com/news-story/g-skill-offers-ddr4-3200mhz-128gb-(16gbx8)-memory-kit.html
  12. Does it happen with MP BIOS? Seems more like a VGA issue than BIOS, what VGA is this?
  13. Thanks man! If the devices are not listed on the QVL list, it may take some time as they have to request it from third party vendors or buy it (in case it's from competitors) before investigating.
  14. For this kind of issues, please directly report to https://register.msi.com/ If you never did it, they are probably not aware and thus cannot fix!
  15. Can you send me all the information below to investigate? - ALL the components used (if possible include full product number) - OS version - Games used during crash (Also which patch/updates installed if possible) Would that happen if just sitting in a game 24/7? Would that also happen if running 3D benchmark in loop such as 3DMark11 or Firestrike? I'm sure you would understand we can't reasonably play games all day/week. Thanks! @vdelvec is also running a different G.Skill 32GB kit @DDR4-2666 and don't seem to encounter this problem as far as I know. So we can surely figure out your issue, replace the whole system seems a bit exaggerated.
  16. SA/IO needed can vary from board to board regardless of CPU, just try it and see if there is any improvement, if not we can move on to something else! The difference between DDR VPP AB/CD is due to trace layout. As far as I know no one ever needed to touch those, even for 3000 C10/3200 C12 or DDR4-4420 validation, thus I don't see why you would. But if you wish you could try, we learn things everyday they say.
  17. Can't believe 83 ppl saw this without even replying to you... From Elmor's thread (http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?t=149907):
  18. Been done since A21 on XPOWER. However I just posted BETA BIOS A31 in first page, check it out!
  19. Dont mess with DDR VPP, they are perfectly fine. However I suspect 1.15v SA/IO might not be enough as I was saying previously. Bump them up to 1.35v (no risk at all, it's within Intel specs) and see what happens.
  20. I don't know what is your problem, I tried two Z170 KRAIT GAMING and I didn't see any issue. You can clearly see IT WORKS on my screenshots but I'll find a retail chip to convince you!
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