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  1. Thanks for the response and link. Perfect!! As stated the solder pads alone do not unlock voltage and you need a bios/firmware. Perhaps someone had previously done this for you. - This fourth step is what I perhaps hate the most about this card. To have a really easy bench session, you need to update the firmware to one that has elevated/unlocked voltage, but the firmware seems to be distributed only to those-who-know where to get it. It took me a long time to find the right file (and someone who was okay for this to be updated), but in the spirit of Hipro5-open-sharing, here it is. -
  2. Thanks for the response. Yes, I've owned multiple 7970, 290x, 980, and 980ti variants of Matrix. All but the 7970 and 580 are unlocked by solder pads and GPU Tweak. However, the 7970 and 580 can only be fully unlock via bios. The correct GPU Tweak makes a difference and plays a part as well, but, bios is definitely needed on these two cards. I'll try the cold slow and report back. Forgot all about that link to legacy bios'. Thanks.
  3. From what I can tell, just like Matrix 7970, I need a ln2 bios, shorting pads alone does not unlock voltages.
  4. So I recently scored a mint Matrix GTX 580. Looking for info or experience with enabling solder pads, recommended GPU Tweak, and driver version. I have 344.11 and GPU Tweak working and enhanced. However, as you can see my voltage is limited. Any help would be appreciated. This card is super mint and clean. Unreal find. Do not see a bios switch. Was this a single bios card?
  5. Something got smoked near one of the screws holes for sure. PCB looks burnt. Cross check ref. pics. Something may have resided there at one time
  6. Yeah, completely unstable and totally illogical in some instances, right now.
  7. TG. I dont think its a paste issue. I have had some cracks, but that is pretty easy to hear and confirm. Definitely cold bug issues. RSVP doesn't seem to help. I have noticed none of the chips like pll term. above 1.45 much. I've had the best luck with 8600k, but after about 20-30 min beyond 140*c, once the cold really gets into the chip, the issues start. The 8700k's and 8350k havent been able to get past 140*c. Really frustrating after a pretty easy time on KB.
  8. Having issues benching beyond -130*C-140*c. I follow previous guides on full pot benching. 4 different chips and 2 different boards. What is different between coffee and kaby. Had no issue with kaby fullpot to 6700mhz. Cant seem to get past 6200mhz and -140*c on coffee and Apex X. Extremely frustrated.
  9. 4 bad chips? The fact that they all clock pretty much the same is leading me to believe i am missing an important step on coffeelake. I was able to bench full pot on Kabylake and use same/similar settings/voltages; dmi, pll term., standby, ect. Above 1.45v pll term. causes instability. Any ideas? anybody?
  10. I'm having a very difficult time benching Coffee cold. 2 different boards and s 4 different chips, and both exhibit a seriously low cold bug/ cold boot bug. -130c to boot and -140c cb. Had no trouble with Kaby to 6500-6700mhz. Any ideas?? What is different that i"m missing??
  11. Was a short session that turned out to be a mounting issue, i hope. Reset and try again tomorrow. Yeah, cant get this ram to run like it did on Apex IX. ??? I get impatient and run what i can.
  12. Nobody with ties to Zotac?? Firestorm extreme???
  13. Can anyone tell me, is there good software for taking this to limit cold??
  14. Awesome time again this year. Apologies if i didnt get to say bye to all of you. Had to head out early, get home, and back to the grind. Big thanks to Corsair for helping make this event possible.
  15. Looks like Ill be there tomorrow morning. Just got home, need to SSS and get packed up. By the time I'd get there tonight, I'd be ready to just crash anyways. Also in my haste to get out of work, forgot cryo hose. Will stop on the way tomorrow and pick it up. Hope you gents have a good night! See ya in the AM.
  16. I have dragonskin, eraser, solder, ect., ect. Also have a few Matrix connectors(to solder to board) and controller if anyone is interested in benching a compatible card. I'll be bringing a bunch of "just in case" sheet. Also, as stated dewar and cryohose. Definitely help to have a few of each of those.
  17. 8 cans of LN2 will be on site Friday morning , around 9am. I'm sort of local (1.5hrs.), but know that drive is going to be witch. Anyone open to sharing a room, expense Friday and Saturday?
  18. Still in. If and how many days i actually stay at hotel are dependent on amount of beverages i enjoy! Only have one cryo hose to bring. An extra may be helpful to tap 2 cans at the same time.
  19. Thank you for explanation. Major brain far on my part, being for competition and not normal submission. I did not receive a notice it was removed. I guess you should have removed all of them as none of my subs have main tab. 3d were just place holders anyway.
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