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  1. @Sparky's__Adventure For Geek you have to reduce twrrd_dg, for me works much much better
  2. 👍 me too, sometimes I get to see 4.0 but then it gets unstable
  3. I only use custom watercooling for my 9900ks and the G.Skill are only aircooled ;). Just have to work on Waza, so that the time will be even better an I will get the same time of Rauf Unfortunately, I can`t run HOF-Mem with 4933, otherwise I would test it :(.
  4. I know that, only he works with max mem 640, so he has a lot of available memory, which makes waza harder for him @Sparky's__Adventure try lower vtt, on the dark it sometimes helps
  5. Reduce max mem to 600 and try again. Sometimes to much available real memory is not good.
  6. try to set lower waza size, sometimes it can help ;). If you are using A2 mem, try 4800 14-13 or 14-14 for super Pi
  7. for those who want to see a little more mem speed, check my geek4 score https://hwbot.org/submission/4310779_
  8. Up for sale two DDR4 Kits #1 G.Skill Trident Z Neo (F4-3600C16D-16-GTZN) sold A2 Samsung B-die from 2019. Boughht from websmile some time ago. Only used for 4800+ 14-13 on Z390 Dark. websmile tested the kit on Apex XI for 4133 12-12 and 4800 14-13 Screenshots from websmile #2 TeamGroup T-Force Xtreme 8Pack Edition A1 Samsung B-die, used for daily. Short test on Z390 Dark with 4100 12-12 with 2,05v. More is definitely in it, only at the moment no time to test it.
  9. Most of new R0 CPU´s don`t like 14-13 in SuperPi, this has nothing to do with waza, just try 14-14. You are using almost 2,2v vdimm, are you sure itt`s necessary? Most mem-kits work with much less vdimm better
  10. I`n now waiting for my P0 9900K and hope that the memory will run even better than with 9900KS. Dark is much more difficult in the mem than Asus. I have tried many mem-kits, not all of them you can get to 4133 or 4800. All mem settings have to be correct, only then you can get the system started. Short test with 100.1 BCLK, with 100 BCLK the time is slightly worse 🤢
  11. You`re absolutely right, It`s probably becaouse the board is his Right now I know only two guys who actually post scores with Dark and LN2, one of these guys is me 🤗
  12. Some Scores with CL14 on the DARK https://hwbot.org/submission/4365769_ https://hwbot.org/submission/4310780_ https://hwbot.org/submission/4355878_ https://hwbot.org/submission/4310779_
  13. Have you ever looked at the thread on the EVGA forum? https://forums.evga.com/EVGA-Z390-DARK-and-BDie-based-low-latency-memory-overclocking-m2913749.aspx
  14. Thx guys, unfortunately more was not possible at the LAN-Party, I have to test the CPU on another board.
  15. look at my sales thread, maybe the CPU is something for you. This one was only tested twice under LN2, because I have a better one
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