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Scammed by alex@ro


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Hello all.


I purchased an EVGA Z690 DARK from alexro from romania earlier this year for 300€. It was advertised as good, working, no damage was stated in the ad.

The board has arrived in a physically damaged state, some SMD components torn from behind the chipset, sadly some with pads and traces included (it was NOT a shipping damage, the box it came in looked perfect, also the missing components were NOT inside the box or antistatic bag anywhere to be found).

I let the seller know about the issue 4 minutes after getting the package from the courier. His only reply was "lol I didn't see that haha".

I found the response weird, but I didn't wanna whine, so I rather waited (this was a mistake on my side, I agree) till I was able to save up money to buy myself some CPUs.
Some time later a CPU came, but the motherboard is super toast, doesn't even turn on, cannot even get it to 00. Bios flashback is not working either (my CPU works in another board).


I contacted him again but he instantly gave me an attitude, hostile, arrogant behavior from the getgo. Telling me I was mentally ill for not trying the motherboard for multiple months since purchasing. Told him I had financial reasons and also it does not make it my fault that the board is damaged just because I took *more time than he thinks is acceptable* to test it, he was well aware of the damage from the beginning, and I asked him to help me out in the situation. His response was "how about you get the fvck out, does that sound like help?" and go ask Vince (kp) for SMD values and try to repair the board myself.
He later called me little shit, retarded, etc. Told me I totally deserve situations like this and when I said I'd rather return the board and not get scammed, he told me he never scammed anyone including me but never agreed for a refund, partial refund, return or anything.

I paid by PayPal F&F so opening a case is not an option there. A friend from the NL measured his Z690 Dark and I got the SMDs replaced that still had pads in place, but it made no change, board didn't come back to life.


At this point I think I can safely say he scammed me and the way he dares to talk to people even on its own is something only a sick, cruel selfish person would do.
Hardly recommend everyone never to conduct any business with the person. I heard lots of stories of him being rude and arrogant, but never actually scamming someone with a dead product. Also I heard multiple stories where he delivered and the product was as described, good overall deal, but sadly that also doesn't help me not lose my money and a motherboard and get verbally abused by the seller.

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I might've recently gotten scammed myself with F&F on German classifieds as there was an influx of ads using the exact same photos and I bought from one before seeing another with lower res pics... only to find the supposed original on Ebay auctions next day. It's a curse when you run into someone untrustworthy.

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I will put it very blantly, since I am here 13 years ( with two accounts ) and I know Alex first hand as very few do.

I do not believe the OP.

In a period of 8 years I had transactions with Alex worth over 8.000 Euros.

I always received more than I expected, always in time, always as described and very well packaged.

This long business relationship evolved to long technical discussions with Alex actually spending hundreds of hours ( without any obligation ), to teach me.

Alex was a very straight forward person in all aspects, maybe more than needed.

A huge asset in HWBOT, decided to retire as hundreds of other notorious members have for their own reasons.

Alex was for a long time one of Asus testers, together with Dancop, Shamino, Frediyama, der8auer and more.

NOW, the OP suggests that Alex robed him of 300 euros, because I know from his last listing here what items were for sale.


Unless Alex has gone nuts, something else is in the cards and the OP is not stating the full truth. 

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