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[EU] CPU/GPU slim/NB pots.


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Hi. I have some cooling staff for sale. Pots were bought about 2 years ago. It has normal marks of use, but everything is at good conditions. Maybe, except of a part of grey screws from gpu plates, which demand use a pliers :)




#SOLD - 1 x cpu pot - SF3D Inflection Point (+ mounting kit) - 120 € + shipping cost

dsc00840fqjv3.jpg dsc008414lki8.jpg


#SOLD - 2x gpu slim pot made by ryba(one of these has only two mounting plates - i misplaced third one. Update post if i find it) - 55€ + shipping cost

Mounting-holes pitch: 43x43 , 53x53, 58x58, 62x62(both sides for dual gpu)

mountingplatesswaxg.jpgdsc00843uvk7b.jpg dsc00844hvkfv.jpg dsc00852ddjfw.jpg

#SOLD -1x NB pot (made from single-stage evap) - 15€ + shipping cost ( i prefer to sell it as additional stuff to something other)


For your wish i'll attach some sheets of insualation, or showed enermax bands.


#SOLD - Theromometer - CHY700 - 20€ ( 2 x budgetary thermocouple gratis)




Payment with Paypal or banktransfer. I'm sending from Poland. Cost depends from your destination, but for most european countries it will be:


cpu/gpu/nb - 16€

2xgpu+nb or cpu+gpu+nb - 18€

all stuff - 22€

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if somenoe is interested in thermometer - its price is 20€. (new one cost about 40€).


@Andreat85 and @Dhemon - I look forward to PM's from you with confirmation of purchase.

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