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Losing a memory channel

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So I recently stopped using the original release BIOS from 2011 for my RIVE and now I lose one of my sticks of ram every time I try to run 5Ghz regardless of voltage ram voltage/timings/frequency. I boot up the BIOS see all 4 sticks and once I'm in windows and check Task manager I'm at 12GB. Once I reboot to BIOS, my A channel stick has it's frequency set to 1600 and timings to 10-10-10-28 but still doesn't get recognized in windows.

Anyone know what could be the cause before I start searching for a different BIOS or switch back to the initial release one?

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My asrock Extreme 11 did the same(for me it was D chanel), cleaning the socket wth some contact cleaner did the job :)

Otherwise try bone stock settings and see if it returns, some boards loose mem channels, but usually that's because of high BCLK, which surely isn't the issue with R4E...

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