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pasatoiutd - Core i7 2600K @ 5001.6MHz - 6min 31sec 875ms SuperPi - 32M


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You have 6-9-6-21-1-4-60-8-4-16-4-6-6, while I have 7-7-6-20-1-4-66-6-4-16-6-4-7. Your CL 6 vs 7) and TRef (60 vs 66) are tighter, but TRCD (9 vs. 7) and tRAS (21 vs. 20) are looser. For the other secondary subtimings there are no important differences (8-4-16-4-6-6 vs. 6-4-16-6-4-7), because tWCL is very important only for PSC. If I have to bet, I would say TRCD is more important than CL for Sandy Bridge.


I cannot say I am very happy with the result, as I could not run SPi 32 M @ 106.4 x 47 with the Hypers, so I will bench again on this platform.

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