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Good clock for Hypers?

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You can usually get Hypers to run even on weak Z97 boards if you cap the bandwidth (which causes freezes) by downclocking CPU and/or uncore (to 1.6-2.4GHz). To bin for 1000MHz on X48 you first need a board that can reliably do it, and those are not easy to come across.

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Good info in this thread as ive just got 6 sets of hypers as well. Which platform is best for testing these to those timings?


Ive been through and tested them all to 7-7-6 2133(1066) on 1155. Would i be better off using 1150 or something else. I know 1156 or 1366 would be the best to test on but i dont have either.


So with those two eliminated what would you guys test on? I have a heap other AMD socket s available as well.

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1155 is fine, if you can you want further confirmation you can test these for 2200 7-7-6 on 1150 and 2400 8-8-8(7-8-7 or 7-8-8 if possible) as well, 1150 usually is harder on trcd so you can see absolute limits on these faster. Make sure to use good cpu clock (4ghz and above) to make sure you get best out of your kits, some Hyper can´t take higher bandwidth on new systems and therefore it is also a way to determine quality

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