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RemiKo - Sempron 145 @ 4100MHz - 5319 marks PCMark Vantage

trans am

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Investigating the hanging issue. I'll let you know when I hear from the PCMark code guys. This is definitely news to us.


I recommend that always when you run into any issue that you think is an actual benchmark bug to *tell us about it*. Either through Futuremark forums or through our support channel, http://www.getsatisfaction.com/futuremark - or use the feedback tab on the new ORB.


Naturally when overclocking etc. always first ensure that it isn't just your system or just one specific (buggy?) driver. But once that's pretty much ruled out, yes, do tell us. Especially in cases that involve current benchmarks (PCMark Vantage, 3DMark Vantage) as we have preliminary plans to do a maintenance patch for them early new year after the new benchmarks are out.

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Follow up to this:


The code guys couldn't immediately say what could be causing this but it will be investigated. However, due to one outstanding critical issue with SystemInfo *and* the impending launch of 3DMark 11, they simply don't have time this week and possibly also next week. The issue has been recorded to our internal bug database but I can't promise a quick fix.

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