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Asus P5E3 Preimum (775)


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I would actually agree that this (and the P5E64-WS Evo) is the best all-around 775 board: it supports all existing 775 CPUs (except for 130nm) and can be properly efficient thanks to non-crippled DDR3 clocks.


P45 boards are indeed better for raw FSB clocks, but they usually have poor efficiency.

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Guest TheMadDutchDude

I know that I have dealt with you before and that you're reliable as a seller, but I have to jump on you about the rules here, sir. Fair is fair, they're the same for everyone.


Namely number 3:


Sealed or closed boxes are not allowed. You have to show the item itself on the picture.


Please amend or add another picture in.


Thank you. :)

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