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FS: a load of (binned) Intel C2D chips


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Test method: P5E3 premium. POST to BIOS at 1.80vPLL. No stress-tests ran on these because I have hundreds here.



First up: a mini-collection.


1x E2140 455FSB

1x E2160 450

1x E2180 445

1x E2200 440 SOLD

1x E2220 445 SOLD




£10 delivered for the three chips





Next: Some other (better) E21xx


E2160: 455 & 460 FSB 460 SOLD

E2180: 460, 465 and 470 470 SOLD




455: £5

460: £6

465: £7

470: £10




E8400: These were tested in a P5Q Deluxe (16-phase) Boot to windows and ran wPrime 1024 to 50% or more (because of time) (yes, both cores enabled :P)


Binning method: What BIOS voltage for 4.6GHz? (575x8) Board is not modded, think it droops a little under load.


10x 1.40v

4x 1.375v

10x 1.35v

0x 1.325v ALL SOLD




1.40v: £30 for 3 chips (same as blind buy on Ebay UK)

1.375v: £25 for two

1.35v: £45 for 3 chips

1.325v: £20 each.





4x E5200 added. All BOOT @ 360




£5 each, all 3 for £12. 1x SOLD, 3 left







Bulk buy discounts available. ALL of these CPUs came from OEM office machines. I was the first to OC all of them.


I also have a load of functional rejects.... if anyone needs chips "that just work." prefer to sell in groups of 5 or 10.....



Shipping to Australia, NZ, China, Japan, Taiwan etc is too expensive (more than the cost of a CPU. A LOT more) unless someone is buying a at least 10 CPUs, then the distributed cost per CPU isn't so bad.


OC disclaimer: Your mileage may vary. My boards are good but not the ZoMG best. Vanilla boards might well struggle, put it that way...

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I'm struggling with motivation Sam, sorry. You WILL get the info, but... you might be waiting a while :/


Ha.... if/when I finish this testing, it would be faster and easier (for me, anyway) just to post you my notes :/ I know, that's lazy and unfair. I am struggling a LOT with OC these days.

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