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Precisions about XTU rules + W10

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Hi all.



First, for XTU, can the settings be private are they have to be public ? please explicitly precise it in bench's rules ^^



Also, in all concerned benchs rules, can you add W10 in the list of disallowed W8 based OS ? It's not explicit and some people are tented to use this consciously for submitting invalid scores.



Thx !

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The rtc bug also occurs at win10, so please note that all restrictions that are referring to win8 also refer to win10 - win8 is allowed at xtu as well because it was tested and the rtc does not influence the score

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For those who enjoy information,


XTU was affected by this RTC bug/feature (depends if you ask Microsoft) in every version before v4.2.0.8. Intel changed the timer to HPET and since then Windows 8/8.1/10 are all fine to be used with XTU :)

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