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[FS]4 sticks G.Skill DDR3 Pi 1350 air capable


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Will sell my G.Skill Pi sticks:

Three from triple kit G.Skill F3-16000CL6T-6GPID (DDR3 2000 6-9-6-24 1.65V)

and one F3-17600CL7D-4GBPIS (DDR3 2200 7-10-10-28 1.65V)

all stick can pass Super Pi 32M 1350(2700)MHz in pair on air, best two 1360-1370(loose subs) 8-12-8 wcl6 with high Vdimm ~1.94-1.95

Tested only on Z87 motherboard, so they most likely can do more on Z97

Selling all four sticks together. Price is 230 USD shipped everywhere.

Can prove my words with screenshots if cyclone fixes our xtremelabs forum http://forums.xtremelabs.org/

Can't retest for now because I don't have any Z87/97 motherboard and CPU for it.

I can accept Western Union or Bank transfer(SWIFT)



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Found some about this memory on my Facebook page

1350 8-12-8 1.93 wcl7 subs aren't tight

1333 8-12-8 wcl7 2000Pi+2200Pi

As far as I remember it was pretest and sticks weren't pushed to the max. But until xtremelabs forum isn't working these screenshots are best than nothing.

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Find any screens of 1360-1370 8-12-8 twcl6??


300USD is a lot of money for these and would really need proof of said timings to justify cost.



For any AU guys looking this works out to be $430AUD. For reference.




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I think it is too expensive regarding the very bad subtimings... Seems to be nice mems anyway.


I didn't test this memory well, I've just set AsRock profile for 2600 or 2666MHz, don't remember exactly and tried to find max frequency with main timings and wcl, and it was Z87 board, not z97. If I have possibility to restes this memory I would do, but I have only z77 with 3570k. And this cpu doesn't like psc at 2600 or higher.

for 2400 AsRock profile Vdimm is a bit lower than 1.65V, websmile said to me that it is good.

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Guest george.kokovinis



Not totally irrelevant but my friend major will understand.

I put last year an EVGA GTX780ti Classified for sale on eBay.

Pristine condition. ASIC 79%.

Asking 500 Euros or best offer.

Sooo, a guy from Russia sends me an offer of 210 Euros SHIPPED.

Naturally I decline.

The guy had the nerve to send me a message asking WHY I DECLINED !!!



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LOL, That is pretty funny considering the original price was realistic.


This one I'm afraid is not. What the seller thinks is really good, is not so with the secondary and third timings in the screens. Maybe if they were a 2800 5-9-6 set I could understand.


Even the price I have offered above is above average for a kit like this.


Apologies OP, GLWS.


So why did you offer then? You can buy good memory which can run 2800 5-9-6 whatever you want for almost free. No need to have a trades with me.

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Guest george.kokovinis

Neither my opinion is necessary but,


Being 57 years old and a very experienced businessman for 35 years, I have learned, when entering a transaction debate to respect the other side.

A transaction to be completed requires a willing buyer and a willing seller.


If what you see is of no interest to you, stay in the sidelines and keep silent.

If it is of interest enter the debate with rational proposals.


Either way, as people say, it is mine and I sell it for whatever amount I wish.

Interested ? Buy it.

Not interested ? Look elsewhere.


Just my 0.02 cents.

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Generally forums have rules against discussing price outside of pm. Keeps this sorta stuff from happening. Cuz really its not anyones business but the 2 parties negotiating.

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