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Possible hardware sharing?


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This is a submission that's super curious:


You can see he only has an H110 GT in his picture, he lied about his cooling, has his BIOS settings hidden and is running 5 ghz on a 5960x with only an AIO?





Then this guy is also in his team, and got really close to same frequency, also on sn0wme's profile he has a picture WITH DJForza in front of the custom watercooled 5960x PC.





They either got ridiculously lucky and both got great 5960x's, or they're hardware sharing and using Sn0wme's PC to submit that score.





Not trying to point fingers or get anyone in trouble, it just looks really fishy IMO.

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Its odd that Sn0wME says they are brothers as well so they can share hardware like no tomorrow as well.


I just noticed the XTU hardware settings, AND wow this just got a lot more instreasting Hardware is the same. Look a the XTU Hardware settings, and both Hardware readouts are the same :|

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Aw, their XTU hardware page is literally the exact same.


Same amount of graphics card, same ram, same motherboard, same OS, same drivers.



Also he said he had 1 980 in the submission and in his picture of his system, yet he has 2 980's in his XTU hardware.

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I noticed sharing from these guys in the previous RR too ...


Yep +1 massive hardware sharing these last days between Snow Dj and Bit .... This is completly unfair, i'm sorry guys but there is rules ! It's easy to win with that way..


Anything that can be done?


I have been trying to report their submissions but that didn't seem to help either.

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Users involved contacted.


Looking at the photos that they changed them to still don't match the hardware the listed outside of the XTUHardware Settings meaning there is a lot still that I think needs to be looked into with them a bit more, as if you look at the photo's same case mobo and Ram, just the only difference is the CPU block and Tubing and the the GPU being underwater and not under water.

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