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Hi there's a problem with stage 1 xtu .

Only 5 points for first place and score isn t divided by number of cores like stated in the rules .


- the points, that is correct.

- fixed the "divided by cores" problem


I get this error. How do I fix it?


Thank you,




Hi KedarWolf,


- for XTU: the application will detect the temperature by itself and everything should work automatically

- for GPUPI: if you submit from the application, load the submission and then click 'edit' in the sidebar. Then fill out the load temperature in the Processor section.

- for other benchmarks: when submitting the result fill out the load temperature section.


See images below






@ massman, http://hwbot.org/submission/2898378_

That is the submission i was going to use but as you can see on the HWBOT submission, my temperature was never recorded. Just curious if you know why or how i may be able to fix it. I havent had a chance to participate yet hopefully i will soon, and i will get that version info to you.


Hm ... I suspect you might want to run the latest version to fix the temperature issue.

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Guest george.kokovinis

Pure mathematics. Read on...


The competition should be only for four core processors ( 4770K - 4790K ).

Since stage 2 and 3 results are divided per core, please make a simple calculation ( especially for stage 3 ).

In order to achieve in stage 3 a score with a 5960X, comparable with a 4790K, you have to run the 5960X over 6ghz.

Can this be done ?

NO. Not even with LN2.

Can you run a 4790K at 5100 with a good water setup ?


Who wins in stage 3 ?



Case closed.


Stage 2.

Divided per core CPUPI 1B. Cool.

Try to run a 4790K at 5ghz and a 5960X at 5ghz with 2 threads.


Case closed also.


Please rename the competition to " ....for four core processors ONLY "

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