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[FS] i7 5960x 5.7Ghz CBr15 // 5.1+ cache


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FS : Core i7 5960x RETAIL (box) and warranty.


Chip can do 5.67Ghz for 1.6v CBr15 REALLY easy on both Asus and MSI.

It can also do 5.7Ghz @1.62v CBr15. For 5.7 you need to be close to coldbug.


I tested Cache on MSI, 5.1+ CBr15 with 1.52 vring and 1.52v OC2 at -50°C. It was during warmup run, so not "cold" yet.


Coldbug arround -120

Coldbug boot arround -115 -> easy chip ;)


It was fast bin test. Only 1 time on asus and 1 time on MSI




Price : 1090euros


Send from France

Ship world wide. Price without customs fees and shipping.

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