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Hi !


We have these 2 scores which are linked with comp, but are not added to our results :




Can you fix it plz ? ^^


Also, can this submission be removed from comp ? http://hwbot.org/submission/2965809

Corentin2347 had issues with leagues, but as he is rookie, this score doesn't mean to be in Novice Nimble ^^

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Yup and i don't see why there scores were not added :

Pasty and ThePsychotik were not already part of our results, and neither 4770K or 4790K.

Rules of unique user and unique hardware for each stage is respected.



Niuulh deleted his FX score, but i7 ones are not replacing it, also with recalculation.

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Still no-linked-result bug. Now we have only 2 scores appearing on oc-esport page, MAO_FR submitted a score 4790K score yesterday, but not added like posts above : http://hwbot.org/submission/2978349




Nexus35 was blocking the Haswell category with this score: http://hwbot.org/submission/2945338_nexus35_pcmark7_core_i5_4690k_7078_marks

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I received a reported mail of my Cloud Gate score.


A team guy told me that I forgot the webpage of this score.


But I don't have any more because I installed Windows 10 since.


Edit : He turned up the webpage.

Edited by MAO_FR
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