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trodas - Core 2 X6800 (2.93Ghz) @ 3415MHz - 6350 marks PCMark Vantage


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Why? CPU-Z windows are clearly to see (or you are blind?), so you are clearly WRONG. AND I provided the link to CPU-Z AND I provided even download link to the score saved.


What more you can possibly want?


So tell me, how to put the CPU-Z windows into 1024x768 screen better and I will follow your example. If you cannot do it better, then you have to accept it as cramed to the screen as it is. The most important parts are visible anyway, rest you can look up on CPU-Z site.


Case closed.

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Man, you should calm down and not be against everyone accusing them in cheating and so on.

It is clear you're still learning and even very experienced overclockers mess up screens sometimes.


Take a clear look at PCMark Vantage rules and most specifically "Verification screenshot requirements" section here: http://hwbot.org/news/888_application_16_rules/

Then tell me what is wrong with your screenshot. When you realize you're wrong, I'd guess you should apologize as well.


Don't assume you're always right ;)

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I.nfraR.ed -

you should calm down

Why, when treated unjustly (what the hell more could I do? Provided link to the CPU-Z! Provided link to the score saved by PCMark Vantage! All not enought? Give me a break.


and not be against everyone accusing them in cheating and so on


Well, since they say, that their stock (!) ATI Rage 128 PRO can do 255fps and I paired the same card with Core 2 Duo Extreme X6800 and it hardly do 60fps overclocked in pretty much ANYTHING and on top of that, every reviewer site results (92fps in 640x480x16 is max) matches mine experience - then someone must be cheating there.

I repeat it again - it is physically impossible for ATI Rage 128 PRO to render 800x600x16 in 255fps. Period. There is no IF or BUTs. It simply cannot happend and no-one (except 3 cheaters) claim it. So, there cheaters is not EVERYONE. That is qute a difference. There is close to 7 billions peoples on this planet alone and "everyone" include even lifeforms on another planets thru whole universe(ses), so that is kinda far stretch.

On second hand, I did not (at first) accused anyone. All I say - tell me how or show me an video, that show the tests in question running at 255fps on stock ATI Rage 128 PRO - of course the video have to show in uninterupted view the card in the PC and then pan on the test(s) running. Then a little bit of explaination, how there guys figured out to make such high scores and I rest my case, apologize and say - damn, I was so wrong. I have too much to learn. How the hell I did calculated the throughput? What the hell I was thinking? ATI Rage 128 PRO really have half the power of GeForce 6800 GT! :)


(Do that comparsion to 6800 GT sound silly? Yea. But that is EXACTLY what they are saying all over and YOU seems to buy it. 6800 GT can do top 600fps in that test w/o textures (cheat force all mipmaps to lowest levels = effectively no texures = max geometric speed testing) and it score 500fps with textures ( http://hwbot.org/submission/2942293_ ) - and 255fps is half of this speed, right?)


Take a clear look at PCMark Vantage rules


Done. So do I get it right (Mr.Scott, pls?) that when I open the memory tab there, then even it get partialy covered, it should be okay? Like this?


That is the best I could do. I could do even a video, if that is not enought:


Then tell me what is wrong with your screenshot.


Hopefully it is good this time. So the memory tab of CPU-Z is favored one in case only two CPU-Z instances can fit on screen?


When you realize you're wrong, I'd guess you should apologize as well. Don't assume you're always right ;)


But I believe that I'm right this time. Okay, I admit that there should be the memory tab and the mainboard one is only optional. Mixed that. That fault I do admit. My bad.

But on the other hand, I provided plenty of other informations that could *MORE THAT* substitute the informations not presented in the screenshot by MY MISTAKE.

- the CPU-Z link provide all the need memory informations

- the memory type and clocks/timings are perfectly and precisely described in the score

- the score file is availabe for download and check for everyone

- there is just not enought place on the screen and I wanted even the other tests results (bellow the main score) are visible to show I done them and how they went...



GENiEBEN - yea, it suxx. But rest of my testing monitors are tied up with some super-low/slow scores, so I take this one. I used in on Amiga with 800x600... 1024x768 is on the edge of readability, so problems with too many windows happen...



Dead Things - done deal. And I got even better result... But it is hard to cram all the windows in :(

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LOL, dude.

It was more like a friendly advice.

You don't need to take it so serious, it's just a hobby for most of us.


Memory tab isn't even that important. It's just what the rules say and if you don't want your score to be reported, then better follow the requirements.

1 year from now, someone could report your score and it can be taken down. What if you don't have the system anymore and can't re-bench?


Ofcourse, moderators don't take down submissions blindly and in your case when the score is not suspicious, they make compromises.


I don't say there's anything unclear in your submission, but technically speaking, you can provide completely different cpuz validation. That's why the site requires several things on the screenshot.


Why? CPU-Z windows are clearly to see (or you are blind?), so you are clearly WRONG.


Don't you think this is too harsh from your side?

That's what I expected you to apologize for. But you know, I'm noone, I can't force anyone to do anything, it's up to you.

It just doesn't seem right to me.


PS: By the way, you can cover most of the benchmark screen. Noone cares which test you have selected, as long as you got the score. If you don't select the minimum tests required, then the benchmark won't show a score. It doesn't matter if you decided to run all the additional suites, they don't add up. You can see what is marked in red (as required), other things can be covered if you don't have enough space on your monitor.

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