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Estimate my TridentX 2600CL10


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i think i have a good pair of TridentX here and i need a estimate for it. :)


I've reached with WinXP 1420MHz 9-12-12-15 1T tight with only 2.02v (aircooled):



All Win7 benches runs with 1400MHz 9-12-12-15 1T tight 1.95-2.00v max.


Thank you.

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And when i reach 1466 with 2.30v+, i can get 200+? i've seen people seeling it for this price here.


Like this?



I've never tried to bench with this high VDimm. i don't know how much the Kit wants for a pi32m @1466CL9. little bit angry to damage it..

All with aircooling, i am not a extreme clocker. ;)

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