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Too hot weather


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For these poor souls, who did not have airconditioning (or computer testing room lack this feature) or their A/C suxx - I have to say that it is kinda sweaty to work in 28°C :o


Even overclocking requires a "little bit" more cooling recently. Dunno how do you guys do it, but I do it this way:


ASRock_775i65_G_9600_XT_2.jpg ASRock_775i65_G_9600_XT_3.jpg


And it works! :celebration:

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40°C+ in the Bitfenix office during Computex prepping and no ac on sunday...stop sweating :P

30°C+ during visiting the new hwbot office in Taipei...no complaining, no sweating massman...


...every summer is the same: deal with it ;)

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