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AMD Red Team discussion thread.

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  • Crew
AMD only team? cool :D


Well it's more AMD GPU's than anything but that said everybody is welcome to the team :)


That's awesome and after the team cup ends I might switch teams for a few months if they don't mind


Of course man, any and all are welcome :)

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  • Crew
Hmmm.... Sounds interesting.


Is this for a future comp that's AMD only or something?

A temporary AMD-only league of some kind done as a comp with teams within it? :battle:


Nah, This is just a team based around AMD's Radeon GPU line-up but that's not to say it's exclusive to AMD gear only :)

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  • Crew
Nah - I'd go broke trying to get all those GPUs and you'd disown me since I'm such a terrible 3D bencher anyway...... I'll admit that's never been a strong point for me. :cool:


I think i may have worded that poorly :P


The "Red Team" (Which is AMD's own name for their followers and supporters is mainly centered around the Radeon GPU lineup) but in our case it's just a team where people who predominantly use AMD hardware can join up and have some fun :)

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