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[FS] E8600 (@6,65), DDRII D9, 2x Commando


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Old school for sale. Have been in the box for the last 5-6 years. After move, never had time to OC any more (that's still makes me sad - it was like letting go my own child when I sold Cascade). Shipping from Estonia, ask for shipping price (box around 20-30€).


E8600, Ceemic did 6,65 Ghz with that one on Gigabyte. It was 6,1 3D benchable (Cascade) for few minutes before the Biostar left the building. I guess, 150,€ is a fear price for that one.




2X Commando as on the pictures. Will go together for 50€

2015_09_16_1403EOS_70D.jpg 2015_09_16_1404EOS_70D.jpg


512MB and 1024MB DDRII D9's. Not shure about the Cell Chock (might be dead). First mem buyer will get those for free.



PSU Enermax Galaxy, 70€



ACARD ANS-9010 with 4GB mem and 8GB CF card. Have a double size battery as well somewhere.... No idea about the price.

2015_09_16_1483EOS_70D.jpg 2015_09_16_1484EOS_70D.jpg


And last, 37x VGA. Mostly NV6, NV7 and NV8. But also NV9800GTX. Some ATI ones and few PCI cards. Would be better, if someone takes them all.

Some of them should be rear: like NV6600x2 and NV6700XL.

All together: http://www.upload.ee/files/5201147/VGA.rar.html

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how much for all ddr2 ram´s ? i can´t see a price anywhere...


and single price for corsair 6400c3, both orange ballistix kit´s, the team 800c3



Sorry, websmile was first, hi is interested about the HC3 and Ballistix Tracer's.

Btw - those yellow Ballistix's are 512Mb.


OK price for Corsair and Xtreem Dark is 20,-, for Ballistix 10.

The next one, who takes 2 or more sets, will get that lonely G.Skill for free.


Edit: HC3 and Ballistix Tracer's are sold.

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how much for the corsair and the four orange ballistix including shipping to germany ? i would like to buy them, when the price is good :) i´m also interested in e8600, but not for this price. it´s way too much.


Send me pm with your offers.


And hey, that's not an ordinary E8600.....

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Couldn't find any proof.



E: Only Xtreem Dark left.


Users have been asking about the price for all VGA's. To be honest, I had no idea. When I was looking around in here, I found that 4 of them I have as well are sold in here for 70 pounds (and not even 9800GTX). So if I ask 150,- for all (average 4€ per piece), it should be OK (+ all the shipping costs of course).

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