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Impact VIII Memory Thread !

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Yes 1,9v for everything. My mems don't like more.


That's actually really impressive, I didn't even think in the "high-end" sector of things there could be that big of a difference in mem clocks.


Does your CPU reach higher speeds in the M8E/Gene? Or is it hitting the same types of speeds on the impact?

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When I say that the Impact is a true monster on mem, it is not sponsored bunnyextraction :D :D


So far, no lucky crack-free session with the Impact so the CPU is not maxed out. But I reached 6.1 XTU at -165° 1.8v wich is exactly similar to what it does on Gene and Extreme.

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Gave the board a spin at recent Galax qualifiers with B-die,found some interesting stuff that might help some people to maxx-out their results


Tested 5 cpu's for imc strenght.




- -150 will max out the IMC


- 1.25/1.30 VCCIO/VCCSA will be enough for great IMC,the not so strong ones will need more VCCIO,1.35 was enough even on the weaker ones to boot 4240 12-11-11 tight RTL,more VCCSA than 1.30 did not help at all actually made things worse for 2 cpu's.


- if you can boot then it's most of the times stable for 3dmark11 physics


- typical 55 code will be the limit of the mem's all the time or fucked up RTL


- from testing all of the b-die stopped scalling at 2.03-04 for 32M with wazza ( in best case scenario,a lot of sticks stop at 2V or 1.95),for physics 2.10 volts provided benefits


Easiest way to check voltage tolerance,find the voltage required on air for 4000 12 12 12 let's say then try to pass that higher and higher volts. Some sticks hate voltage so much for example they will bluescreen instantly when u push more volts that they like.


- the strongest of IMC will run 49/50/6/6 ,3 pieces from 5 required 50/50/7/6 for booting 4240 12 11 11


- make sure you try and boot maximum possible,adjusting bclk from windows will create instability


- some mem will need vttddr 0.85 ,0.90,this is mostly important for 32M as physics didn't seem to care that much


- typical behaviour :


Go down with temp on cpu, let mem cool a little bit then manual lock RTL 49/50/6/6,boot 4000 then go 4133


- If 32M or 3dmark11 physics exits or crashes(spi stopped working or 3dmark11 error ) increase vccio and repeat ,if you reached 1.35 and still no good,go back and try 50/50/7/6.


- Not convergent in sqrt means u reached vDIMM limit on your sticks usually or mems can't handle TRCD+TRP 11


- Not exact in round,oh well this is memory limit as you know.


Best results are to be had first 45 minutes-1 hour depends on the humidity and insulation ,when u start to see 55 or 41 code when before was stable it might be time to stop session and dry things.

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