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TaPaKaH - Celeron LGA775 352 @ 8140MHz - 8139.95 mhz CPU-Z


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what's max on air ?
suicide normal ambients: ~5000/1.225V, ~5600/1.45V, ~5850/1.55V (no further scaling)

suicide at -15c ambient: 6390/1.62V

Fantastic result! No benefit from higher Vcore or limited by FSB?
I think it was a bad mount because after 10-15mins with no powerdowns I lost lots of MHz, had to wait 2-3 minutes for it to cool down, then turn on

I wanted to rebench it since November when the score was actually done, but I was busy with keeping away from RedCobra :P.

Now that my s462 platform is dead and s478 doesn't work - I'll wave the white flag and go back to s775, have some unfinished business :D

wich bios you used ?

any mod on mobo or any trick ?

BIOS doesn't matter for cedarmill, I used 0802

mods - no, you don't need them. tricks - yes, you need to heat the PWM radiator with a hairdryer, otherwise it freezes and you lose 200-300MHz (I think that's why "straight away" runs are always the best with this board)

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