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Please help (low cpu score in Aquamark -870@4600Mhz & GTX480)


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I put the patch and nothing. I took all the drivers in a row and nothing. This problem happened to me earlier when I tried to give a Aquamark with GTX285 and E8600, but I solved it by putting an old video driver, but now I've tried all compatible with the GTX 480 and nothing. In my windows 7 64bit cpu score increased significantly (30K at 4600Mhz), but the video score is much smaller than in XP, so I insist you give Aquamark in XP.

Monstru, print-screen above is given with that patch. I really do not understand what can be.

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I do not think they have any influence uncore and memory. I tried them and no result above. In Control Panel AA and AF are disabled. Same VSYNC. Look below a test conducted in approximately the same conditions but using a 1GB 9600GT. It is obvious that both have worked pretty well. And look at the second print, the same settings but with GTX 480.


296289.th.jpg aqua3r.th.jpg

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For the low cpu score what I know myself is that :

fresh windows XP, cpu score : 22'000

after changing to another graphic card and drivers, cpu score : 16'000

Replug the original card + original driver : 16'000

reinstall windows XP : 22'000

changing driver to an another one : 16'000

previous driver : 16'000



=> seems that aquamark doesn't like drivers changes, you have to keep the first you installed

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