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The old nVidia install/Control panel/ net connection thing


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Not tried the latest versions yet, so that's good to know.


Here's hoping that the affected versions don't turn out to be the most efficient for certain cards... it's a pain having to hook up wireless or running long cables to the switch :P


Thanks! :)

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I think it's a matter of if you have installed the correct framework in your os.

If you have not the the driver needs internet connection to download it and if not then you cannot get the CP to work.

SLI compatibility bits is hidden in nvinspector. You have to click the magnifier at the top of the window in order to see the hidden settings.

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Is it all down to .Net? It's been so long since I played with settings and tweaks, I can't remember what's needed for what and what applies to multiple things. I remember that nVI needs .net...depending on other settings :/ *sigh*


So much to relearn!

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KENNY :eek::eek::eek:


Welcome back? :ws:


Thankyou :) Not yet, but at the moment i'm closer to benching, not further away.... if that makes sense? :D


I thought with 320.49 you do the normal extraction part, then hit cancel. Then go to C:\Drive\Nvidia (assuming that's where you have it), delete the .Net and Gefore Ex folders and then you can install (from there C:\Drive\Nvidia) as normal.


I'll try that. I don't normally delete the Experience and .net folder. Maybe that's where i've been messing up! :)


Thankyou for the idea :)

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