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Some pretty good 6700K


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Hi Folks,


I'm selling without any kind of warranty 3 chips (at first only two, need to test the other one again!)


I forgot to say...THEY ARE DELIDDED!!!!


L537B102: sold to rsannio


shipped price in Germany 800€ - this chip is a 4/8 MONSTER!!! but has some issues with very high clocks like 6600 - random freezes...although it handles 66xx pifast easily

l537b1022jmj09.jpg l537b1025cjt5.jpg




L537B214: shipped price in Germany 600€

l537b2142yakkk.jpg l537b214rcj4l.jpg


L527B283: sold to bullshooter to come...6540 HWBOTPRIME so far, need to test more ;)

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