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You can change the values of tessellation?


If the settings are varied, the results are much better but the end result is not validated. This is legal?


I am not sure this point, some admin could clarify how far you can or can not modify the setting tessellation.

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i bought ASUS 990fx sabertooth and unfortunately its DOA. in pursuit of higher performance i have put too much pressure on r9 290x, using it in div 2/3/4 and finally, it's dead(substandard corsair vs 550 power supply must be the culprit). that's the only decent card i have. now i find myself difficult to move up in this division as well as all divisions i am competing. still have time to get back with a better graphic card. for the time being i can't improve my 3d scores in any of the divisions.

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Hi, get some health problems not sure a can compete this stage.

Iam 63years Old and the problem is kind of age related.

I dont give up, hope to be back soon.


I kind of know how you feel. I'm still having complications from my Heart Attack 4 months ago.

I'll have a pacemaker installed March 9th, so I'm trying to sub some scores before then. I'm only 46.

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