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Where to find manufacturer timing table? G.skill F3-2133C10D-16GXM

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I would like to find again timing table website or pdf for G.skill F3-2133C10-8GXM. My motherboard should support XMP but ranges go over capabilities of my motherboard so spend 3 hours searching internet for complete timing but now I cannot find it anymore.


My only clue for that website or pdf is this picture which I took with my phone to apply settings in bios with trial and error:




The problematic part was tRFC, my bios has limit for it 255 (8 bit integer).

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You don't want to set 260 any way... that's extremely high for 2133! Try 160 as a good starting point. You should be able to lower from there as well. Often times memory manufacturers set extremely loose subtimings to minimize the incompatibilities with motherboards and uninformed users.

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You could use AIDA64, in the program you can find detailed system information. Under mainboard you can see a few subcategories. Detailed dram info is read from the Jedec chip, containing jedec profiles as well as the xmp profiles.


I made a little guide a while ago howto pull a detailed list from your syatem with aida. The result is an xml file (can be viewed in every browser).


I have enclosed the guide (attached pdf)


Other tool that gives nice dram info= Rammon




Hope you find what you need

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I would just download freeware version of Thaiphoon Burner,


and after spending a few minutes browsing specs head over to HWBot marketplace and get yourself some ddr3 that's double sided such as 2 x 4gb kit of Samsung ic mems (2400c9 2600c10 or 2666c10) or some 2 x 2gb psc based mems (2000c6, 2200c7, 2300c8, 2400c8/9)


EDIT: Pretty sure those are hynix cfr so tight timings won't be easy/possible. Check out Woomack's review though, it may help



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