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We need to do some changes on this. Usually, on new submissions, when guy who reports knows the rules, we appreciate this bcause it helps us to keep results clean, ranking correct and find cheats or bugs. What is annoying is when people don´t read the rules before they report - stuff like "reported for tesselation tweak" although rules clearly say allowed.

Another problem is old results, database lost screenshots once, a lot of results were from bot scans, 6-8 years ago, and that wprime net is messed. These are hard for us and for user, normally they all are correct, but we have to find a solution that makes people happy. Unreportable or remove, I would prefer first option as they were and are still all valid unless typos or wrong hardware match is seen. This is my personal opinion on this, that it makes no sense to report a cpu cpuz validation because board is not typed in correctly should be obvious for example, it is shown at validation link anyway and we don´t force people to make full template

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