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[WTB] Decent ambient 4690K / 4570K (EU)


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[WTB] Good ambient 4670K/4690K/4770K/4790K

As stated in the title. I am after a pretty good (doesn't have to be sub 1.200V 5GHz spi chip, just be nice, coolable, working perfect and scale above 5GHz on water) cpu.


Please contact me with a price shipped to The Netherlands in private, if you have anything to offer.


Thanks in advance.

Really hope that someone will make my day.


Item 2:

Asus ROG OC PANEL found in /with some Asus Motherboards .(as part of packaging from maximise vi extreme, Rampage IV Black Edition, RVE and M8E).


I have damaged 1 of mine love to replace it, do you have one, please send me the price including shipping.



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