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s775 CPUs for sale (binned)


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Tested on Asus P5E3 Premium at mild volts. I fully expect these to perform better at full benching voltages.


ONLY tested for POST, with the exception of the E8400s (read below) I tested in steps of 5, so e.g. "555" means that 560FSB didn't POST.




E6320: 555


E2140: 455


E2160: 450, 455


E2180 460, 465, 465


E4600: 435


The above are all 4 for £10




E6300: 550, 555


E6400: 545


These are £6 each




E8400. I benched wPrime (2 cores enabled!) at 4.6GHz on average air, then tuned for voltage.


1.40v: 12 chips available £6 each


1.375v: 5 chips available. £8 each









100% of sale (minus shipping) goes to a local electronics recycling charity. (that's where all these CPUs came from)

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Small price drops. whatever doesn't sell in the next couple of months.... will be returned to the warehouse for scrap. They trust me, but at some point they'll want to see either money or CPUs....and I don't blame them :)

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