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[Beta][Review] First Impression of Streacom BC1/OBT Protoype


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1. Impression at first sights.


At first sight, really solid metal there, you can even use it on ATX mobo & multi GPU, all LN2 without problems because the material is very solid, really! Second, because the benchtable is so portable, you can fit your benchtable in your bag without using space (I mean very little).




2. In action on LN2.


For the first time I tried using the 5 liters of LN2 left in my dewar, so I only played with around -75 to -85 Celcius degrees for about 1.5 hours. Compared to armaflex that I used to use for extreme cooling, there were advantages using it:


1. My table does not look as messy as before, this will increase your efficiency when using LN2 with more space.

2. I'm using B-Die memory, memory not insulated, only my slot is. As you know B-Die is very sensitive to water & moisture, they like it dry & warm. In Indonesia the average humidity is 80-100% all season. When I used Armaflex as a benchtable with LN2, in about 45 minutes to 1.5 hours my memory & memory slot become very wet, I will get post code 41, 55 more often and my memory will be unstable when benching memory intensive. With this benchtable very little moisture & water is present after 1.5 hours benching.




So these are my first impressions with this benchtable, very functional, portable, and less problems than when I used Armaflex. I got it on HWBot World Tour 2016 APAC - Indonesia. So this is it. :cool:

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