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Hey guys,


I just wanted to write a quick message on the new site we prepared for the World Tour information. Firstly, here's the link: Home | HWBOT World Tour.


We want to improve the World Tour next year and along with additional events, we also wanted a nicer site than just a single page to share all the information of past and future events. We already added as much information as possible from the previous events, including our very first event in Taiwan in 2014 called the HWBOT OC Anniversary Gathering. We're adding the general information, aftermovies and of course event pictures.


After wrapping up the Championship last weekend, I'm also able to do a small write-up shedding some light on some of the costs and organizational challenges we faced during the past year. I hope to have that out before the end of the year so we can start fresh in January.


Even though it's been a difficult and stressful 2016 for all the staff helping out at the events and spending lots of free time trying to make it work, I'm super proud and happy to have been able to be part of it. Here's to an even better 2017 :celebration:


Drop a message below if you find any bugs or problems with the micro-site. Feedback is always welcome! :ws:



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  • Crew

For the moment thats "technically" the full list of stop. Dates for Indonesia are uncertain as we don't have them yet.


For Canada, no stop this year but there will be something for sure organized by local overclockers. @Johan, if you are up for something you can reach out to Trouffman - I'm sure the LanETS would love to host overclockers again :)

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  • Crew

Yeah, when we've put up the site, PAX hadn't yet published the dates so we've put the same than laster year. Will adjust :)


They still haven't updated their main site it seems ...

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