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need a place to start


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If you have not purchased hardware yet I suggest Z170/270 platform mobo, an unlocked processor- i3 7350k/i5 7600k/i7 7700k, a gtx 1060/70/80 or AMD RX 460/70/80 gpu, 2 x 8gb 3200c14-14-14 or higher single rank (sided) DDR4 ram, a Gold or platinum 850+ watt psu and a decent all-in-one watercooler such as NZXT X62, EK Predator, Swiftech H-240x etc


If you already have a rig, join an overclocking forum and spend time reading guides and topics that interest you like cpu, gpu or ram OC. No idea what you are trying to overclock makes it far too difficult to send you somewhere specific but heres a start


Skylake Overclocking Guide [With Statistics]


Home - Overclocking.Guide



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