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What's going on with this benchie?...... :mad:


I was benching it a month ago or so and everything was fine (well I could say fine DISPITE the thing that when you submit it online because you CAN'T save it and submit it afterwards - you get a wrong - and DISPITE that you HAVE to put MUNUAL some things in it AFTER you have submit it online).....


A couple of days ago, I re-ran it and I got an "INVALID" score...... :mad:


I used the EXACT SAME setup and the same HD ......... I HAVEN'T touched anything in my HD since then........I got a month ago a valid bench and now NOT?..... :(

I then RE-DOWNLOAD it from the site...I re-ran it and I got AGAIN that "INVALID" crap.....


I then told gprhellas to run it......He ALSO got an "INVALID" score.....He ALSO re-download it and re-run it and re-got an "INVALID" score..... :mad:



Are we going to be serius some time with this benchie or not?.....

WTF is going on with it?....

Shall we keep benching it OR leave it away?....

Shall we spent our hours and our money (electricity/LN2/etc) with it or shall we QUIT it?.......

Is it SO BUGGY?......


I'm all ears..... :)

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Well, 2 reasons:

- both are developped by a different hobyist programmer, in a different language, using an api that hasn't been tested professionaly

- there's no contract between hwbot and wprime. If a bug appears, we don't fix it asap but as soon as we have ample spare time.


That being said, is the problem still persistent? I think i fixed it last night.

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That being said, is the problem still persistent? I think i fixed it last night.


I'll tell gprhellas to test it cuz I don't have much time to bench lately.....Or I'll do a test at 3GHz to see if it's OK..... :D


Thanks richba5tard..... :)

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No, no_name's submissions are valid according to our rules:



Checksum validation is required for top 20, he is in top 50. Below top 20 a valid screenshot suffices.


Then why did you deleted gprhellas' points from wPrime bench he had uploaded a week ago, when it was lebeled as "invalid" due to hwbot problems?..... :)

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The loading files bug occurred when the hex representation of the checksum had leading zeros (was fixed in v1.58), I feel that this might be occurring upon submission as well.


Basically, wPrime doesn't send leading zeros in the checksum, this caused problems in the load/save feature as there were exactly 8 bytes allocated for the checksum, and required a new version to fix.


If when comparing checksums, adding leading 0s when comparing should fix the problem.


Feel free to e-mail me direct at walter@wprime.net with any problems.

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