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[FS] binned C2D E6300, E8400, Rampage Extreme


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Up for sale are some 775 binning leftovers.




1) 7x Core2Duo E6300. Asking 5 Euros a piece + shipping

Each CPU maxes out between 571 and 575MHz FSB on an ASUS P5E3-Premium under a loosely mounted Prolimatech Megahalems. No further tests done.


2) Core2Duo E8400 #1. Sold

The strongest core clocking E8400 that I ever had. Passes LinX at 4.5GHz 1.29V and SuperPI 32M at 4.8GHz 1.37V and 4.9GHz 1.46V.

However, FSB doesn't seem too strong with this chip - max for 32M on my TP45HP is 610MHz at 1.28Vtt.


3) Core2Duo E8400 #2. Sold

Passes LinX at 4.5GHz 1.35V and SuperPI 32M at 4.8GHz 1.43V.

Max 32M stable FSB on air is 625MHz at 1.38Vtt.


4) Core2Duo E8400 #3. Asking 15 Euros + shipping

Passes LinX at 4.5GHz 1.31V but fails SuperPI 32M at 4.8GHz with any voltage.

Max 32M stable FSB on air is 620MHz at 1.28Vtt.


5) ASUS Rampage Extreme. Sold.

Bought this board on eBay as defective, it actually works. However, I don't like the way it behaves, hence the sale.

For a start, it can't get into OS with 2x2GB of Corsair GTX2 at 1000MHz no matter the settings or voltages. With 2x2GB of Corsair 2000C7 it can easily pass 32M with 2x2GB at 1000MHz with two different BIOS versions (1104, 1301) and even did a pass at 1030MHz 6-7-5, but I get lots of random OS crashes after the 32M is complete.

The board also can't do 32M at 600x6 with a pre-tested E6750 on air.


Shipping price greatly varies on the item and your location.

My preferred method of payment is IBAN banktransfer but PayPal is also possible if you cover the transaction fees.

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